Friday, September 11, 2009

Sniffles and Snuggles

Lots of sniffling noses that run like faucets around here. And it is 10x worse because now they wipe at their own noses. Ewwww!! They need a lot more snuggling, too, so I have had little time to blog. The story of my life, right?

I got some great deals at the "Just Between Friends" sale Wednesday night. I was there for 5 hours!! I was one of the last ones out, but there were about 6 people in line behind me. Hey, no reason to get into the hour long line (oh yes, it sure was) when I could be shopping right? And I didn't even look at Zach's clothes or walk back through for a final look like I usually do. I will post some pictures soon of all the booty. I refrained from buying any strollers (and there was one I would have liked). As of last night, I have made $430. And that is only 70% of the sales. They update the computer every night and tonight is the first time that the public can get in. The past two nights have just been pre-sales. I wanna go back!! Gary nixed that real quick. Dang your level headedness, Gary!!

Ok so now on to some cute pictures. The girls have started loving hats and anything really that goes on their head...or their butt, whatever.

Abby bring me the swim diaper and have this look.
No words are necessary to get her point across.

On the head it goes

And Olivia has to have one as well, per Abby bringing me another one and pointing to Olivia.

Abby will wear it for a long time. Olivia? Not so much...

But that's ok, cuz look at how cute she is!!

An attempt at a self-portrait with the ladies.


NewsPhotoGirl said...

Those are great! Who knew there was a hat phase?! Sophie and Hannah are going through this too. Love the last pic.

monica said...

Great pictures!! Sof unny how they like to wear things on their head, pull ups to underwear!! Cute picture of all three of you!

Lindsi said...

Hi Sara
Just popping in to say hi...and to say thanks again for your supportive/kind words!

Katie Bug said...

Hi Sara,
I found your blog from Catching Up With Cooper. Love the pics of your girls with the swim diapers!