Monday, September 21, 2009

My Great Deals

I got some great deals at the "Just Between Friends" Sale. My number 1 want was already gone when I got there. DANG! It was a wooden holder for dress-up clothes. It had a rod and everything. So cute!! There were also a few tall containers full of drawers that we all were wanting, but again, gone in the first few minutes. ::sigh:: I may have to see about working next time so that I can get in first!

So I got a desk for Zachary. This has been needed for awhile now. It was $14!! It is a computer desk. I am going to *try* to paint it (??) We'll see...

Here are our Christmas dresses for this year. Too cute!! And I love that they are short-sleeved, because here in Texas you never know what kind of weather it will be. We can put a little sweater with it if we need to.

And here is a great big group of stuff
~#2 umbrella stroller, #3 stroller in all (and don't even suggest that I am putting my stroller addiction off on them),
~Cash Register
~Little People's House
~Two Little People's Mini-vans complete with mama and babies - SO glad I got two
~1 huge bag of play food for $10, and I smaller bag for $2
~A vet set - which is really just a carrier with a ton of regular dr stuff in it, but it has some really good dr stuff, so it was worth it.
~2 pink stools for them to use to wash hands and other stuff.
~the Barney and the phone are repeats of favorite toys we have already
~a magic wand
~a vaccum to match the one left from Zachary's toddlerhood.
~a Strawberry Shortcake tent
~2 shelves that will go on our Kid's Wall in our stairway.
~a fabric box to use with our shelf system. We already have some others
Not pictured: a Dustbuster that really works. It is SO cool and Abby really uses it when I use mine. Olivia just likes to have it on as background noise. Also some toddler spoons and plate set, safety latches for the cabinets, and a safety thing that goes over a power strip.

Here is the tent put up
I know Abby's face says otherwise but they really do love it.

And some clothes as well that I didn't get a picture of. It is not nearly the pile I usually get. I got winter PJs for $1.50 each from Carter's, Children' Pllace, Gap, and Old Navy. I got several long sleeved outfits with pants or leggings. I got both of their Winter Coats for $8 each. Big heavy nice Winter coats, in their colors!! Yay! I got light fleece jackets, too for $4, two pairs of shoes for $4 and $5. And and and AND...I scored their Halloween costumes for $20 for the both of them. Tulip Fairies! Awwww!!
I was at the sale for 5 hours. Until after midnight. And no, I wasn't the last one in line, though they did come around and shoo me toward the front. I didn't even get to look at Zachary's sizes. To give you an idea of how many clothes are there: Do you know the store Ross? There are rows and rows of clothes instead of them being on individual racks. So picture 1 row at one of these types of stores. There was the equivalent of 5 racks, front and back, just of size 18 mth size! Can you imagine wading through all that? It was tough but someone had to do it :-)

And I am such a freak about matching stuff that I was looking at both sizes and trying to match things up. Ugh! Needless to say, I didn't get many things that matched.

And I saved the best news for last. I made $900 from my stuff that I took to sell (!!!!). I know!! All of our big stuff sold, plus a lot of clothes and toys. The only big thing I brought home was the Double Snap and Go. I brought home about 1/3 of the clothes and other items. Shoes did not do well, but that is probably because there was literally piles and piles of each size of shoes with containers underneath as well. It was pretty overwhelming to shop with SO much stuff to sort through.

But that's wanna know why?? Well, sure you do! That is because I am a Super Savvy Consignor. This means that I take my leftovers to other sales around the Metroplex. There are 4 more within the next month. And what is the best part? I have the same consignor number for all the sales. This means there is no replacing tags for every sale. Ummm, yeah. How great is that??

I have been slowly catching up on blog reading. And I know that some of my readers used my blog roll to visit other sites. I will have that back up soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sniffles and Snuggles

Lots of sniffling noses that run like faucets around here. And it is 10x worse because now they wipe at their own noses. Ewwww!! They need a lot more snuggling, too, so I have had little time to blog. The story of my life, right?

I got some great deals at the "Just Between Friends" sale Wednesday night. I was there for 5 hours!! I was one of the last ones out, but there were about 6 people in line behind me. Hey, no reason to get into the hour long line (oh yes, it sure was) when I could be shopping right? And I didn't even look at Zach's clothes or walk back through for a final look like I usually do. I will post some pictures soon of all the booty. I refrained from buying any strollers (and there was one I would have liked). As of last night, I have made $430. And that is only 70% of the sales. They update the computer every night and tonight is the first time that the public can get in. The past two nights have just been pre-sales. I wanna go back!! Gary nixed that real quick. Dang your level headedness, Gary!!

Ok so now on to some cute pictures. The girls have started loving hats and anything really that goes on their head...or their butt, whatever.

Abby bring me the swim diaper and have this look.
No words are necessary to get her point across.

On the head it goes

And Olivia has to have one as well, per Abby bringing me another one and pointing to Olivia.

Abby will wear it for a long time. Olivia? Not so much...

But that's ok, cuz look at how cute she is!!

An attempt at a self-portrait with the ladies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Videos

Olivia cracks herself up dancing

Olivia "talks on the phone"
Abby comes in at the end and says "that?" and "shoes"

This is one of Olivia babbling and them both dancing.
At the very end they start to fight over the toy :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Just Between Friends" Sale

Is there even anyone still reading here?? Other than my mom? and Gary?? I hope so. But I know I have been a bad blogger. Hopefully I will have time this week to catch up.

I am tagging tagging tagging for the local "Just Between Friends" sale. Remember last year when I my mom spent a butt load of money on a TON of clothes? So they wore maybe 10% of all that stuff. What was I thinking buying 3 month old babies jeans, huh?? And why did they need 8 pairs? I def got all caught up in the hunt for bargains. Plus, Abby started wearing a size above Olivia so all the matching clothes were pretty much useless. I SO did not need all those clothes since they mostly lived in their very comfy, warm sleepers last winter. Have I learned my lesson? Hmmm...maybe?

SO...I am tagging all those clothes from last year hoping that someone else will be as, I mean, SMART to jump on these great deals.

We are also selling all our baby stuff; swings (Oh, how I loved thee), bath seats, bouncers, Bumbos, excersaucers, walkers, bottles, blankets, car seats. All things baby because...

::big deep breath::

We're done.

We decided that financially, emotionally, physically, mentally our family is just right.
And if not then we can buy everything again, right?

This called for me to open tubs of Zachary's old clothes I was saving in case of a boy baby. I am letting a lot of these things go (yay, me!) So needless to say, we have a ton of things to sell...a TON! 375 tags to be exact so far. And that doesn't even count the groups of things, that is just the number of tags.

OH, and I am selling 2 strollers, so I am only a crazy owner of 6 strollers now. But really 2 don't count since they are single umbrella strollers, right? So we really only have 4 serious strollers. That's not too many, is it? And we would only have 3 if Gary and I could agree on which side by side stroller we want to keep. So let's knock that on down to 3 really. 3? Not bad at all!!

Ok, we really bird walked there, didn't we.

I also paid for sign printing for the sale so technically I am a volunteer. That means I get to shop a full day earlier than anyone else. There is only 1 group going in before me. Aww yeah! Can you say great deals??

I am making my own list of things to buy at the sale. I am amazed at how much they are already pretending. They love on dolls and mix things in bowls with spoons. They even pretend to feed us and each other! I was not prepared for them to do that quite yet. So those of you out there that have experience with older girls; what should I be looking for as far as toys? What toys are favorites for 1-2 year old girls? Zachary was into his trains and tractors at their age so I need a little help here.

And here are a few cute pictures of the girls. They got some new wheels. And before you go thinking this is just another "stroller" type thing, it's NOT.

They love it.
I know it doesn't look like it, but they really do.
It was nap time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Party!

Head on over for some great giveaways!!