Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days

We had snow this week!!

Well, it was more like ice pellets/sleet, but it was white and that is all that mattered.  What was different is the wind chill was 0 degrees.  Yes, in Texas.  It was fah-reezing outside! 

All bundled up and ready to go

Of course, Zachary was in heaven!

Olivia loved it as well
and stomped around to her heart's content


Oh, Abby

She was pretty miserable, but she hung in there.
She said over and over that she was ok and wanted to stay out.

They stayed out for about 30 mins and they were ready to come back in.
They snuggled in front of the fireplace
with plenty of static in their hair (hee hee)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What have we been up to?

That was a long blog break, huh?

So many things contributed to it, but one the biggest reasons is that the girls are actually playing on their own more and I am getting to do things throughout the day. Yay!

So let's see what we have been up to?

The girls are out of cribs and into big girls beds!

Abby's not excited or anything, is she?
Are they sleeping better?  Nope
Are we still sitting in their room with them for sometimes up to an hour so they can go to sleep at night? Yep

Ahh, good times


Moving right along

Christmas came and went and I might go back and pick that up, but maybe not.

What I do need to let you know is of up-most importance.

The Christmas Card
You know you want to know how it went, right?
If you want to see the disaster that was last year go here, then here. I can laugh at it now....kinda...

I have good news!  We got exactly what we needed!  In a surprisingly short amount of time. 

 It was almost anti-climactic.  They stood there and did it.  They did it in about 15 mins.  Little stinkers angels.  They are the best age for it.  The cards came out really cute.


The girls are so so into makeup now.  Their favorite model is Grana and she willingly lets them slather on lip gloss and eye shadow.  

Check out the one blue eye (hee hee)

Aunt Hollie is also ready for her make-over

Zachary had lots of Cub Scout activities.  

Back in November, he did the Raingutter Regatta

His boat won 2nd place in his den

A couple of weeks ago he did the Pinewood Derby Race
He got 2nd in his den and 9th overall.  Whoo-hoo!
I am looking at these two pictures and seeing the 
difference in him just since November.

So, now we are caught up a little bit.  Hopefully the break is over.  :-)