Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Zachary

Here he is!!

No wait
That's not right.
HERE he is!

No that's not quite right either

For real
Here he is!
 My huge big kid! 

He is 9 years old today.  

When did this happen?  I am too young to have a 9 year old??  (Not really, but dang, it sure feels that way sometimes).  He is tall, so very tall!  4'10" to be exact.  He no longer fits under my arm or comes up to my shoulder.  I can't even rest my chin on his head anymore.

See how long he is??
This is from his jump party birthday this past weekend

And he is a BOY!  So much a boy.  He does gross boy things like burp on command, laugh about bodily functions, and sweat (eww!)  I may or may not laugh with him.  He is into boy things like; Nerf Guns,Legos, video games like Halo, and he's very into camping and Cub Scout things.  

His hat is always just a little crooked :-)

He is no longer my baby.
Age 3 days old
Look at this sweet smile!
Age 2.5

My little love
(We've both changed a little)
Age 1

He loved to read books
Age 21 months (?)

Happy Birthday sweet boy kid!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Picnic Time!

We have had some seriously beautiful weather lately.  During Spring Break my family went to the Botanical Gardens to have a picnic.  I have been going to this garden since I was a kid.  This is one of the first places Gary and I took Zachary after he met him.  It's a great place.

I love how I caught them doing the same thing here. 

Tasty crumbs

Abby with 2 of her favs
Grana and strawberries

My sweet boy

I love how Zachary is looking at Abby here.

Abby running after a ball
that they told us to put away
"because this is a garden not a park"

Olivia is respecting the garden by singing and dancing
Is that allowed, Mr Stuffy Pants??

Can you tell I'm a little annoyed by the whole
"respect the garden by not playing in it" crap?

They had a nature walk where we pushed buttons for bird calls.

They also had these "telephones" you could talk to
each other from the next area.

Funny story break.  We were standing at one of the phones and a girl up ahead was trying to figure out what was up with it.  She leaned in and I said hi through my end.  She jerked back and looked around and tentatively came back for another listen.  I told her I liked her green shirt.  She whipped around and headed straight for her mom, all the while looking around.  Bwhahahahahah!!  I crack up every time I think about it.  It was truly hilarious. ::giggle::  I caught up to her to explain to her and her mom that she was not being stalked by some alien.  ::snort::

Moving right along to the flower garden section of our Nature Walk.
There was a girl next to them getting her picture taken, too.
They could not keep their eyes off of her.

This is my nephew Cameron, oh so carefully helping Abby.
He is expecting a baby sister in May and 
he will be a fabulous big brother!

Daddy's turn to help Olivia

Ah, my diva

Olivia checking out a fountain

This is a little blurry, but it's probably my favorite of the day.  
Abby is doing her new stern face
and Zachary is loving it