Monday, April 28, 2008

Olivia moved!

Finally, she changed positions so that they are both once again lying up and down not side to side. It is funny to see how different the shape of my tummy is now; mostly just a big ball out front. Before it was more wide. So I am feeling more comfortable now. Plus, I can distinguish their movements again. I did not like knowing who was moving where. Abigail has her feet (I think) up by my ribs on the left side. I can feel her moving her little feet, not really kicking, but just a small movement. It is almost like she is rotating her foot around while wiggling her toes. It is always in the same exact place and it feels like a little tickle. I love feeling them move. Their movements have definitely slowed down. They are starting to run out of room, I guess.

My swelling is better today after I rested all day yesterday. I know I need to drink more water now more than ever in my 3rd Trimester. So I am off to get more water. Yum!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

28 week Belly Pictures

Here I am at 28 weeks.

And no, this is not the only shirt I own. I do have a collection of t-shirts of all colors, but this just happens to be the one I always have on when I take my picture. I thought briefly of changing, but that would entail me trudging up the stairs with swollen feet. Now the shorts are another story. They are the only bottoms that fit now. I think I might have to resort to moo-moos soon.

I also took a bare belly picture, but I can't bring myself to post it. My reaction when I saw it was, "Holy Crap" and when Gary was taking the picture, he just kept shaking his head, so...we'll leave that one out for the sakes of those with weak stomachs.

I am really swollen today. The past week my fingers and my feet have been getting bigger and more swollen. During IVF my hands were so swollen I couldn't wear my wedding ring, so I bought a cheap, but pretty little band at Macys to wear during pregnancy. I bought it 3 sizes bigger than my wedding ring. I had to be really careful at first because it would fly off. Well, I have had to retire that ring as well this week. My feet always have gone back down when I had a good night's rest or a good nap, but that is no longer the case. They are always swollen now, just to varying degrees. I am wearing my husband's Crocs, size 11 womens. I woke up this morning with a puffy face as well. My OB told me to take my Blood Pressure (BP) anytime I was extra swollen. So I went to Albertson's to take my bp and noticed I had trouble getting the Crocs on (the 2 1/2 sizes too big for me Crocs!!). It was 135/71, which is kinda high for me, but not over the 140/90 mark my OB said to watch for so I just rested with my feet up. This is why my belly picture does not have my face in it, because I look like the stay puff marshmallow man...sigh.

My next peri appointment is on Thursday, so I am looking forward to seeing my girls again. I have gotten so spoiled with this pregnancy. I get to see them every month and now every 3 weeks. Which means I am in the home stretch!! Yay!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My baby is 6 years old

Tomorrow, April 26th, my son will be 6 years old. I can't believe it! Where has the last six years gone?? I have posted a few (ok, more than a few) of my favorite pictures and stories from throughout the six years.

His first bath

2 months old
The night these pictures were taken he slept through the night for the first time. He didn't do it again until he was about 10 months old.
6 months old
I know he is smiling now but in about 5 seconds he was in tears.
He HATED tummy time!

10 months old
He loved this blanket. In fact, I just re-stitched a few holes this week. He still sleeps with it and says it is the softest thing on earth. I was lucky enough to find the lady that made it for him 6 years ago and bought the girls some.

1 year old
Such chubby cheeks!!
He got those from me. I still have them.

About a year and a half here, I think
with his beautiful smile that could light up a room

Around 2 years old here
This was about the time he started hamming it up for the camera
and he hasn't stopped since.

3 years old here
Such a big boy with his Big Wheel

Three and a half here, I think
Wait! Where did my baby go?
All of a sudden there is a little boy sitting on my lap.

4 years old
Getting ready for our wedding
What were we thinking giving him a Coke with a tux on??

Four years old
My Superman at Halloween

Five years old
His first day of school
It was harder on me than him.
He was so excited.

At the shower a few weeks ago.
He opted to stay with me at the shower instead of going to play Putt-Putt.
He is SO excited about his sisters coming.

And here he is, my mad scientist, at 6 years old just a few days ago.
They are making goo with his science kit.

It is amazing how much of his own personality he has. Other than not sleeping through the night, he was the easiest baby. I have had to punish him in his lifetime less than 10 times. He was an easy toddler and is an even easier kid. I think the Lord spared me because I was a single parent and couldn't have handled much in the way of terrible twos or threes. Even now he is such a rule follower, which is funny because I am so not. He wouldn't even drink out of his Sprite at Wal-mart the other day before we had actually paid for it. 

He has my tender heart. When he was watching Merekat Manor one night he started crying when the other merekats ran off a mama with her babies. He just couldn't understand why they would do that. He loves babies, always has. He has to point out every baby we see when we go out, especially the little girls. 

He doesn't like thunderstorms or the dark. When we tell him we will be fine in bad weather, he quotes the weather man instead of just taking our word at face value. His Root Beer is "flizzery" and everyone is his best friend. He wants to marry me when he grows up. In fact, when I married Gary, it took awhile for him to realize that I wasn't marrying him. He loves Science and Art. We could wallpaper the entire house with his drawings and still have some left over. He tells me he loves me constantly and is the sweetest boy ever.

Thank you for sharing my little trip down memory lane.

No more mall for me

I have gone to the mall for the last forever...sigh...I went with my mom on Tuesday to find a robe or pjs for the hospital. I just got so tired. My feet felt like they had lead in them and I am starting to get that lovely heaviness in my lower area and muscle pain. We actually had to drive to the other end of the mall instead of walking it. Plus, when I think of going with 2 baby girls and a six year old? Yeah, I am not going to be going to the mall anytime soon. But that's ok. That just means that I am getting closer to having the babies, right? Not too close, but closer. We only have 8 more weeks until our goal of 35 weeks. Whoo-hoo!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

26 Week Belly Pic

My son told me that he will love me no matter what size I am. Awww...and a little ouch in there, too. He can no longer put his arms around me all the way and he likes to point that out to me all the time. :-)

Shower Pictures

This is from my last shower I had at my house. I wish I had more pictures of who was at the shower, but it is mostly just me opening gifts.

This is the yarn game. My sweet son picked a yarn that only went half-way around me.

My mom was a little more realistic and won the game! She tied with another guest.

My new favorite toy for the babies. I play the music all the time. It plays music with ocean sounds. It has a glowing tummy like a glow worm. Love it!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Differences #5 - #6 between singletons and multiples

I hope am not coming across as jerky or whiny when I type these reasons. They are just thoughts and feelings as I go through this pregnancy.

5. Multiples tend to be born earlier
What this means to me - my babies will probably weigh 4 pounds (if I am lucky) or less. They will most likely spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because if immature lungs, inability to suck, weight issues, and other things that come with preemies. I will have to come home without them. I will probably not be able to see them right away or hold them until hours after I deliver.

6. Pre-term labor is a really likely possibility
Bedrest is what this means to me. I am hoping since my son had to be cut out of me to join this world that this will not be a problem, but the uterus can only stretch and hold so much before it cries uncle. Hopefully, I can just take it easy when I need to and carry these girls for another 8 or 9 weeks. That will take me to 35 weeks, almost full term for twins.
Something else bedrest will mean - I won't be able to take and pick up my son from school. I also pick up my neighbor's little girl and she stays with us until they get off work. If I go on bedrest before school is out, our wonderful little plan is out the window. Gary will have to take off work, precious time that we will need after the babies come. Many people have told me they will pick him up and drop him at home, but that doesn't help with my neighbor's little girl. Hopefully, we won't have to deal with that. I am praying I will be fine until the end of school.

I know all these are "what ifs". I may carry to full term with no problem and bring home 5 pound babies. Let's pray it be so...

Friday, April 18, 2008

#1 - 4 Differences between singletons and twins

When I found out I was having twins, the only thing I could think of was, "I am not going to get ANY sleep!". I thought it would be a like my first pregnancy, maybe a little different, more difficult, sure, but it can't be THAT different...Ummm, sure. I was very naive. The more I read and experienced, the more differences came out. I am sure I will have lots of opportunity to add to this list throughout the rest of the pregnancy and into their infancy and childhood. Some will be positive differences and some will be not-so-positive ones. Hopefully eventually the positive will outweigh the negative. And let me just get this out of the way. I am not saying my pregnancy is any worse than any others. I am just stating the ways my twin pregnancy is different from my singleton. I am sure there are women who fly through a twin pregnancy and suffer through a singleton. This is just my experience. My experience.
So here goes:

1. There 2 babies in there! (I am going to state the complete obvious first)
What this means to me - When you carry 1 baby, you either carry high, low, or somewhere in the middle. There are pros and cons to each. With me I am carrying Olivia high and Abigail low. I have the cons of each position, but none of the pros. Olivia is up in my ribs and I can't breathe or eat large amounts at a time. Abigail is grinding her little head against my pelvis and pushing on my bladder. This means at 2 more months to go, I am already peeing a tablespoon at a time, every thirty minutes. It also means I can't breathe or walk for more than a little while, the grocery store is pushing it at this point. Seeing me try to get out of a soft chair is just funny. Socks and shoes are totally out, slip-ons have to do. Thank you, God, for Crocs. I can barely get my underwear on. Sorry, but it's true.
But on the other hand...there are two precious baby girls in there. They are snuggled up together bonding in a way only twins can, in a way I will never experience. They will be close all their lives, a built-in best friend. And all the discomfort is worth it...

2. Hormones are doubled up
This was a surprise to me. I didn't expect to feel even more emotional than with my first pregnancy. Either I am royally pissed, mostly at Gary (hi honey) or I am crying over some insignificant thing. Gary tells me he can deal with mad better than he can my tears, so we mostly go with being pissed. In order for me to not cry all the time, I have to kinda shut down to a point.
This also means I was sick until about 19 weeks. Morning sickness? all day and sometimes in the middle of the night sickness. least that is over for the most part. Another part of double hormones are the
lovely side affect of acne. You know that old wives tale that boys add to your beauty and girls steal it. Well, with two girls stealing my beauty there is very little left.

3. You tire more easily
I worked up until the day before my son was born with very little trouble. Sure, I was tired and uncomfortable, but I made it. There is no way I could still be working at this point. I am not sure I could have ever worked with this whole IVF fiasco. I know I would have let an entire class just coast through if I was working...not good when you have the future in your hands, right? At the beginning, I slept three hours pretty much every afternoon, plus about 10-12 every night. In the middle it got a little better. I no longer napped and I was able to keep my eyes open. But as we are heading for the home stretch, I am back to hitting a wall around 4:00. Like I said, the grocery store is a stretch for me now.

4. Ravenous Hunger / No appetite
Yes, I had this with my first pregnancy, at least, I thought I did. I read that a singleton can pull their nutrients from mom even if there is no prenatal care, but with twins, it's different. There is a direct correlation to the amount of weight you gain before 26 weeks and the baby's birth weights. So when I am hungry, get out of my way or I might hurt you while I make a dash for the fridge. For the past few weeks I have had this ravenous hunger but with no appetite. I have had to force myself to eat (See previous posts). You just can't skip meals with a twin pregnancy like you can otherwise. Your babies health depend on you getting them what they need.

More to come...

OB Appointment

Blood Pressure: a little high
Weight: +1 - total 22lbs

I love my OB, but I am glad I am going to a specialist also. My OB nurse was not at all concerned about my lack of weight gain, which we all know is not good at this stage of pregnancy with twins. She talked all about how our body knows when to hold on to food blah, blah, blah. But I know that one baby can pull its nutrients from me, but two babies can't without some extra calories in there. My lack of weight gain tells me that the girls are using ALL my extra calories. It is just frustrating for my OB nurses to know so little about twin pregnancy. On a good note, I heard the heartbeats and they were loud and strong. She had no trouble finding them and they were just beating away.

Olivia has moved so she is laying diagonal with her head down and Abigail is squished down there at the bottom with her head right by Olivia's still. The position that Olivia is in is SO uncomfortable. She is mostly sideways and when she stretches, whoa!! When I have a BH contraction there will be this huge lump on the top of my tummy. I am not sure if it's her butt or what, but it is kinda alien like. And when Abigail moves, she is grinding against my pelvis and bladder and whatever else she can reach. Poor baby, she is probably really squished down there. Ahhh...the joys of twin pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Irrational Fears

I am not sure if this is pregnancy hormones or what but...I am having horrible dreams about bad things happening to my family. I had a dream that our car crashed into water and I had to think about how to get everyone out. We got out but the car seats flipped upside down so the babies were in the water and I couldn't get to them.

I am also up a lot during the night around 3:00. I will lay there worrying about things happening to my son. His getting hurt when I am not around, someone taking him...A few weeks ago we had storms in our area and I was worried that something would happen to his school and I couldn't get to him because of the traffic. I think it all comes from the fact that I am huge pregnant and I can't really do much right now. I can't do the things that I am used to doing.

Like I said pregnancy hormones, but it is tiring to worry so much...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Perinatal Appt

Blood Pressure: good
Weight Gain: 0 - 21 lbs total

Abigail: 1 lb 13 oz
Olivia: 1 lb 15 oz

Our doctor moved to a new beautiful office and it was great! We could tell a big difference in the sonogram this time. Things are getting pretty tight in there and we didn't see much. Abigail was not cooperating and didn't show her face this time at all. Plus, she was not moving like she usually does. Now Olivia on the other hand was just squirming and moving all over the place. When the tech tried to get a reading of the blood flow through her cord, she had to chase her around. Finally, she said forget it! We got a really good 3D shot of her face.

They are still head to head, but are now on their sides, not heads down, which totally throws me off. I used to think I knew when each would move; now I am not so sure. Abigail was always the mover during sonograms and she is on my left side. Olivia is our laid back one on the right side. When I lie on my left side, I feel hard almost frantic movements from Abigail. When I lie on my right side, nothing. But now I am wondering if I am feeling both of them kick when I am on my left side. Who knows?? They do move around quite a bit when Gary or Zachary talks to them. They will just kick and kick.

Now, as for me; No weight gain = a bad thing at this point. It's not serious or anything. I just need to get in those extra calories. See, the thing is - I have zero appetite. This is the one time I can have milkshakes, high fat dressing, real butter...Ugh, I just don't want it. I know I will look back at this time and yell at myself to take advantage of it! So, my goal is to drink more carnation drinks and more small snacks throughout the day. Hopefully, I will pack on those pounds. (This is the only time you will ever hear me say that :-)

Monday, April 7, 2008

25 Week Belly Pics

Still 48 inches around
and yes, pink again.
I am into pink, what can I say??

The Girl's Room

Finally!! The room is finished. We still have to touch up some pink around the room, but otherwise the decorating is finished. I have since added a changing pad to the dresser and baskets to put their diapers, wipes and such in. They will sleep in the same crib for as long as they can.
This is the place the twin bed will go. We decided we will need it for my mom who is helping. Plus, for me when the girl's might be having a bad night. The little cabinet is going away. Think we have enough diapers??

We found this in a Baby Store and we couldn't pass it up. The brother one is below.

This is one of the blankets that my mom made. This one is Olivia's. She is working on Abigail's. Love how they turned out!!

My Shower

My shower was in my home town and it turned out so cute! One of the games we played was "Guess how big around Sara is". One of the guests got it on the dot! 48 inches. My DH's grandmother said 70. Do I look that big??

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

24 week pics

Abigail 1 lb
That is Olivia's head in front of her

Olivia 1 lb 2 oz

This was at my shower.
48 inches around
Weight gain: 21 pounds

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Belly pics

You think I am into pink?? twins...Twins!!

When we had our first sonogram, they saw two sacs

They said they don't call it twins until they see heartbeats, us, it was twins! Then when we went back to see heartbeats a few weeks later, my RE couldn't see a second sac. They said my body just reabsorbed it and we now have 1 perfect heartbeat. Because of IVF, I had an internal sonogram every couple of weeks and at every one they did not see a second sac.

In December, at my regular OB appointment, I had my first external sonogram. As soon as they put the wand on my tummy...BAM!! There they were side by side.

My DH was so excited!! I was happy but more nervous because I knew how hard it was to care for 1 infant, not to mention 2. My DS was also super excited about there being 2. He knew all along there would be two because we showed him the embryos picture with 2.

Our IVF Journey

After the wedding we planned on starting our family. We even joked around that since I had no trouble getting pregnant with my first, we knew that if we had trouble it was all his fault. Ha! Little did we know...

When I didn't get pregnant right away, DH got tested and his little swimmers were fine. In March 2007 after experiencing a ruptured cyst, I had a lap to remove another cyst and it was discovered that I have endometreosis with a concrete pelvis. They get that name because it is literally like someone poured cement into my pelvic cavity. It means there is severe scar tissue from my first c-section. You know how ovaries are supposed to just be floating around in there? Well mine are stuck to the walls of my uterus. Lefty is twisted and stuck to the back of my uterus and was described to me as "like someone took a shotgun to it"...nice. Everything else is stuck together as well; bladder, intestines, uterus, tubes, ovaries, etc. My ovaries are encased in the tissue so there is no way for my eggs to get from the ovaries to the tubes. If by some miracle an egg did manage to escape, the tube is also encased in the tissue so the egg cannot make its way into it. SO...IVF was our only option. Which after reading so many other stories on the Nest message boards, I tend to be thankful for. We just went straight for the big guns!

My first RE appt. was in May 2007 and they put me on BCP until my insurance started in August.

Here is a short schedule of our IVF journey:
*Started Lupron in September
*Cyst was found 10/11
*Attempt to drain cyst failed 10/12
*Cyst gone 10/17 (RE could NOT believe it was gone so fast)
*Started stims that same day
*Triggered 10/24
*Egg Retrieval 10/27 - 7 eggs were retrieved
(that darn lefty only gave us 2)
*Transferred 2 excellent embabies 11/1

*Froze 2 snowbabies 11/2
*First beta 11/9 BFP!

So pregnancy begins...