Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Par-tay

Prepare yourself...

Because this is going to be loooong...

We went for a farm theme this year because Abby loves her some cows and Olivia loves her some ducks. I tried to find Little Bear supplies but I refused to pay $12 for 8 plates and $70 for cake toppers. Oh no, I am not even kidding.

I just happen to have these dresses left from last summer and they fit perfectly!

My birthday girls
The spread
The cake
I made the cake (the green one, the cow one is actually a bandanna) and all the animals myself.
I am pretty please with how it turned out for my first time.
I plan on doing a separate post about the links and pages I used to make it.


A close-up of the animals on top of the cake.
See that little horse? I fell in lurve with him.
He may or may not still be on my counter today.
Me being silly while getting ready

Then, I got serious

The only way I can figure out how to be fair is to sing to each girl
and take turns who goes first.

Olivia got to go first this year.

Abby was pleased, but embarrassed

Olivia wasted no time diving right into her cupcake.

Abby sat like this for quite some time
Abby has some stranger anxiety and what I mean by that is ANYONE, including her family. She was not sure about everyone who was around her.

But, dang it, it was chocolate and she muddled through somehow.

While Olivia thoroughly enjoyed hers.

The entire time I was working on the animals, both girls had to come watch and even beg a bite or two of the fondant. The animals were off limits to eat but, oh how they wanted them. the party I let them choose their animals to eat.

Not surprisingly, Abby chose the cow
(or as she would call it, "moo-moo")
and chose to eat him from the bottom up.
Notice the icing free cupcake.

and Olivia chose the duck.

And then it was present time!! They were a lot of fun this year, very into it. Although, again, Abby played a little shy.

These are from Zachary - little Dora Houses.
See Abby's tiny smile?

Olivia got really into handing her trash off to Grandma behind her.
Abby loves her bling!

Abby shows off her baby diapers!
I love the aprons they have on.
After this we had hot dogs, with Good Water. Yummy! Everyone got to head outside for water play in the small pool we have plus a huge blow up water slide we borrowed from our awesome neighbors.

Here are the pictures...

Oh yeah, that's right. Once again, exactly like last year, I got zero pictures of the outside festivities. Le sigh...

We did manage to get this picture of us with our girls.
Zachary was super busy being wet outside to bother with pictures.

They're 2.



I can't get over it.


Jennifer said...

The cake, and cupcakes are AMAZING!

Kelly Chambers said...

Ok, I'm muy impressed with your cake! The little animals are adorable! Looks like a perfect party!

Rebecca said...

I cannot believe that they're 2 already...amazing! They're looking so grown up!

The're a Goddess...I worship you. Yes, please, share those links...if I can be as cool as you, I could then worship myself!

Heather said...

Sara... love the cake and cupcakes! The way you have the spread set up looks amazing. You did a great job. And... how cute are they in their dresses? How are they two?

Brandi Tooker said...

Hope their birthday was great! Way, way impressed with your cake skills! I am so not that cool of a mom!

Lori said...

OHMYGOSH your kids are so cute! happy 2nd birthday to your twins!

I'm your newest follower, by the way!

Katie Bug said...

You did a fantastic job on the cupcakes and cake. I can't even imagine how much time that must have taken you!
The girls pigtails are adorable, too. They are really looking "old".