Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Earth Day

Yes, I am well aware that Earth Day was...well, it's over...But let's not let that stop a good post, eh? We planted 2 trees. We got them at our neighborhood Spring Fling. The kids jumped right in to help.

Such a big kid with his big job

But not so big that he can't have a little fun :-)

Olivia wanted to get in on it

Abby sooo did not.
This is her after getting splattered with muddy water.
Ewww! She did not like it at all.

So the Little Mama left her siblings to itBy the way, that is my doll from my childhood.
Her name is Amanda. Abby wrote on her face.
Amanda is now "night-night" in Mommy's room.

Olivia stayed in there and
enjoyed herself immensely

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