Friday, November 18, 2011

It gets better...

I have been wanting to write this one for awhile now.  It has just been so close to my mind lately.  I had to get it down.

When I was pregnant with the girls and parents of twins found out it was twins, we would get a variety of reactions.

"Twins?  Well, you are in for it."

"Ohhhh, good luck with that."


All negative, no positive, even from friends with twins.

After I had them, I kinda got it.  It was hard!!  When we were out and about, we would sometimes run into parents of twins.  We would chat about all sorts of info, but the one question I asked every single one was, "Does it get better/easier?"  The answer I heard more than any other was, "It just changes." or "It gets different".  NOT the answer this completely overwhelmed, sleep deprived, hormonal, weepy mama needed to hear.

So here we are 3 years into the roller coaster of twinhood and I must say...

It Gets Better!

I no longer want to throat punch people who tell me they have always wanted twins.  I no longer say, "Umm, no you don't.  No, for the love of all things holy, you DO NOT!"

Yes, there are days when they are off the wall hyper and run me ragged.  There are days when they are soooo 3 years old.  There are days when the 3-going-on-13 attitude is at it's highest.  There are days when if I hear "STOP!" one more time, I may just lock myself in the bathroom.  Speaking of the bathroom, I can go without a scream fest going on in my absence because they think I have abandoned them.  I can take 2 steps away from them with no crying!

I can say, "Wait a minute."  and they DO!
I can say, "Go get your dishes for me."  and they WILL!
I can say, "What's wrong?"  and they KNOW!
I can say, "Go play" and they GO!

And what about sleep, you ask, since that has always been a huge struggle.  5 nights out of 7, I am getting 8 hrs of sleep.  Yes, you hear than right.  My non-sleeping ever children are finally sleeping through the night.  Olivia sleeps in her bed all night.  Abby comes and gets in our bed around 1:00.  She snuggles herself in between us and goes right back to sleep.  Let's not mention the fact that this has just occurred in the last month...ahem, moving on. 

Can you say, "Halleluiah!"  I sure can and do every single day.


If you are new to this twin thing and you think you may not survive, it does get better, so much better. 


Anonymous said...

Good for them and good for you.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I agree 100%...sorry it took me several days to get to this. You're totally right.

Cute Nursery Design said...

That's unfortunate that you received such negative reactions when you found out the exciting news. Your children are beautiful, I'm glad you got to the "it gets better" part.