Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update - finally

Oh, so much! I am going to preface this post by noting that some of these pictures are from last month. They have changed SO much in the past month. First of all, the sleep issues are going ok.

Olivia now cries maybe 2 minutes after I walk out, then she talks and sings for awhile. She may gripe a little and cry another 5 minutes before she finally gives it up, but then she lays right down and goes to sleep. Go figure! Our little drama queen is handling it well. Abby? Not so much…she will cry the entire time, big sobbing cries. She has not really cared about a blanket but after last week she has latched onto them. She would stand or sit in her crib biting it while she cried. It would be soaked when we would go in. Heartbreaking…so we are taking a break with her. After I lay Olivia down I hold Abby until she goes to sleep. Then she naps in a pack and play in our bedroom. It is not perfect but it is what works at this stage for us.

Any guilt I feel for letting Olivia fuss while I hold Abby is erased with this smile.
She is a MUCH happier baby for it. She is no longer exhausted. She is rested and happy. (And check out her hair! It has grown so much!)

Now onto the fun stuff -
I am so flippin’ busy these days. They are into everything. I mean…eve.ry.THANG! I turned my back for a second (I swear it was only second) and Olivia was up the first flight of stairs and around the corner to the second. Whoopsie! And Zachary totally told on me as soon as Gary walked in the door. Little traitor. They bypass toys in favor of shoes, video tapes, the Wii remotes, the cat food, the pasta packages, OY!! I swear I can’t get anything done besides cleaning their food off their trays while they pick up food off the floor they just turned their nose up at in their chairs. Really, girls? Reallly?? Oh sorry, did I just get off on a tangent?

Ok back to the fun stuff…They are both holding their bottles and have been for over a month now. Oh, how great this is.

Of course, sometimes the bag end is more fun.

Olivia says Mama and Dada. Abby says Mama, Dada, and Hi. She also mimics sounds so that it sounds a lot like she is copying us.

They both are cruising around the couch and other things by holding onto them. Abby has actually let go and attempted to take a step. EEeekk!! Olivia can stand still for a bit but then falls. Abby is now in her big girl car seat. She also pushes her car toys around and makes car noises. Brooooommmm broom brrrrrmmmm. Hilarious! Both her and Olivia LOVE to blow raspberries.

Their new favorite thing to do is play in the dishwasher. Here Abby is drinking the water from the door (don’t worry, it’s clean).

My two domestic divas

Another great past time is playing under the exersaucer.

Abby is now very attached to her doll. She drags it as she is crawling around. And don’t you DARE try to hold it and love it yourself. Olivia has one too but most of the time Abby has both.

This is her favorite face to make, complete with breathing through her teeth. Cayuute!!

Olivia is still attached to her silky blanket.

She will crawl over to it and just snuggle it up close.

Olivia has also figured out how to play peek-a-boo. For a week or so she would slap her hand on the side of her head when she wanted to play.

I so meant to get a picture of it then she stopped. :-(

They fight over toys. All.the.time. Everyday…all day. There are tears, people. And screeching and pulling and gnashing of teeth. I imagined two girls who would be the best of friends. ::sigh:: Hopefully this is just a stage. Stop laughing, it's not nice.

And now I think this has driveled on long enough. So there you have it…


NewsPhotoGirl said...

They are really just too cute!!! I can't believe how much they are like my little girls. Especially that one has a full head of hair and the other not so much;) Oh and the fighting over toys...don't get me started on that.

Soxy Deb said...

My, oh my, how much they've grown! You really do have your hands full now don't you - lol!?

Did you finally get this to post with "writer" or just give up?

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Sara, they are just getting cuter and cuter! The "under" the saucer pictures bring back such memories...I totally forgot our two did that til your pictures reminded me!

Enjoy them, and glad you are back!

Heather said...

Look at how big they have gotten! Adorable.

And uh-oh! Look at them BOTH STANDING. I just can't imagine how crazy things will get when that happens here.

Soliloquy said...

I SERIOUSLY don't know how you do it.

Blog, that is.

I would be sleeping every MINUTE those babies were.....

which begs the question.....

what happened while you posted this entry??

Adriane said...

They're so big! I can't believe all the things they are up to already! Love all the pics.

My girls fight over toys now too. It's driving me nuts. I had TOTALLY imagined two little girls that were BFF. I think it's going to be the opposite. :-)

monica said...

I have many post to catch up on from the weekend. But how cute the girls are! The picture of playing peek-a-boo is to cute! Look at those chubby hands! I can't believe Abby is taking steps!! Walking is so much fun! It makes it easier in the long run...