Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Between Friends Sale

This a great consignment sale in our area. It has actually become a pretty popular thing around the country. Click here to see if there is one near you. It is a wonderful thing that you can sell your things at and then shop at. Good Morning America was there doing a story on it. They set up a camera to record us going in (there was a line) and had workers cheering us on. So it's a pretty big deal. I came across it this last Spring when I was pregnant. I got all the girls sleepers, onesies, and outfits for the summer. Between this and the multiples sale (more about that next week when we have another one) we hardly had to buy new things for the girls at all.

So this time I actually had things to sell at it and if you sell then you get to shop a day earlier than the public. And if you volunteer you get to shop even a day earlier than that. Volunteering was not feasible for me this time around but I will def be doing it the next time around.

Before I get to the good is super stressful. There is a line to get in. Everyone is armed with baskets or tubs. We made the mistake of not having any tubs in the Spring so we came armed with6 (yes 6) of them this time, but didn't think about how we were going to carry all those around. We learned again from the veteran shoppers...tie a rope onto your tubs so you can drag them behind you. Oh yes, they did...and so will we next time. Anyway, back to the stressful part. The whole time you are looking, the person next to you is looking too and could be looking for what you want. So everywhere you turn that person right there could take your stuff that you wanted. We hit the clothes first and mom shopped there while I ran around getting a jumperoo, a floor thingy for them to look at, bath seats, and a stroller. We filled up 4 tubs with clothes and another with toys. Then we got in line and waited...and waited...and waited...wait, wait, wait......and......waited some more. I went and shopped more while mom stood in line. We ended up shopping for 3 hours and standing in line for 2 hours. Yep, that is And there wasn't even a cool roller coaster at the end or the newest movie out. Was it worth it?? Hmmm...I'll let you know.

So what did I score? Oh man! I got all the girls fall/winter clothes. I mean, ALL. Sleepers, onesies, pants, jeans, long sleeved outfits, short sleeved outfits, coats, dresses, I even found matching Christmas dresses for them (score!!) We got sizes 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12.

Here is a pic of all the clothes

More of a close up

Here are some of my fav outfits

The Christmas Dresses

Jumper for $40 ($90 new) and the other for $10

Toys - all for $40
And yes that is a vintage Little People barn!!
Plus, those bath seats that you can't find anymore and a white noise machine

I also found a Jogging Stroller/ Trailer for $50 (140 new), but it wouldn't fit into my car. And can I just say I know we gave the line of cars behind us a really good laugh as me and my mom pushed, pulled, grunted and sweared trying to fit that damn thing in. But no, there was no way it was fitting. So we are picking that up today.

So what was the damage here, you ask? Well, it sounds really bad, so I am going to break it down for you. It turned out to be about $85 per girl, per size. Not bad I say.

We got:
20 sleepers (we already had 3-6 sleepers)
38 long sleeved shirts or onesies
34 short sleeves onesies or shirts
44 pants
8 jeans
8 sweat suits or outfits
6 dresses
3 jackets for the girls
2 jackets for Z


See another post below on how the girls did this week. :-)



Deb said...

WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

Harris Boys said...

you did awesome!!!

I'm a consignment junkie...I love them and have only dressed my boys with shopping at them. I love the thrill or running in and finding the best deals.

I've volunteered the last 3 years and LOVE it.

look at all your great stuff. you did awesome!!!!

isn't it soooo much fun and so addicting!!!

Linda said...

You did GREAT! I'm in the process of getting stuff together for a big consignment sale here. Can I ask how the outfits were priced? Just trying to get an idea of how to price mine. Thanks Sara and GO YOU with your six tubs!!!

Nancy said...

Ack... consider tossing out those bath seats. My sister bought me two at a yard sale for my twins. I did a little research online, and while the seats weren't formally recalled, the general assessment is that they are unsafe. If you do use them, use common sense and stay RIGHT THERE while the kids are in them. (I know, that sounds obvious, but these seats can tip in an instant (if the suction cups don't stick), and/or babies can wiggle themselves under the bar and be held underwater (if the suction cups stick too well.))

We ended up buying an inflatable bath duckie at Target and continue to bathe the girls one at a time.

Great sale finds though -- so many cute clothes, gear and toys!