Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Potty Training Marathon Day 4

So, today was better.  It actually was.

Let me just take a break here and say how crappy it is that they are both getting molars and Abby now has a stuffy nose.  Really?  Really??

Olivia has been going through a fashionista stage.  She wants to wear her swim suit.  Every.day.  All.day.  With this 3 day program, they suggest wearing a t-shirt only.  I could just see us trying to get a swim suit off in a hurry.  She was...shall we say, adamant about wearing it, so I just said screw it!  I told her in no uncertain terms that she needed to keep her swim suit dry, that if she got it wet, it was no more swim suit for her.  

Well, that little bugger did not have one single accident all day long.  Huh...how do you like that.  Now several times I said things like that we needed to go before we sat down to eat or go outside.  She would.  Huh. 

Now Abby on the other hand had 3 accidents, one of which was poop.  The first one we have had yet.  By the afternoon when she had accident #4, I started being a little firmer with her about keeping herself dry.  Then, a light was flipped.  The next time she had to go she ran up and told me excitedly she had to go and she made it!  Then she told me "I no tee-tee on the floor, I tee-tee in the potty."  Hallelujah!!  She did have another accident but she was so upset about it, I know it is finally sinking in.

Tomorrow is another day of more training.  As it goes now, I am sure we will be able to leave the house...in a few weeks.

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Rebecca said...

Can I hire you to potty train my kids??? Just kidding, but you are a goddess in my mind right now. I love the bathing suit idea...figure out what they're obsessed with and use it to your advantage. You should have written "The Art of War."