Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Potty Training Marathon Day 5

We have turned a corner.  Olivia only had one accident today.  It was really quite funny when Abby is yelling at me, "Shissy tee-tee!  Shissy tee-tee!  Shissy TEE-TEE!!!"  After that she told me every time she had to go and even when she had to poop.  Yay!! 

Abby had a couple of accidents, one of which was poop.  She gets really upset at herself when she has an accident.  I know she gets it and it is just a matter of her making up her mind to do it!  Over all she told me more times than not today.  Double yay! 

I can see the results.  I know they are almost there.  Tomorrow night we have to get out of the house for something and it will be a true test of how ready they truly are.   

We did have a "Oh crap, what do we do now?" type moment tonight.  We went for a walk and made sure that both girls went potty before we left.  About halfway through our walk, a mile from home, Abby says she has to tee-tee.  Gary and I look at each other blankly, because, seriously?  What do we do?  We tried to put her off but it was obvious she had to go.  So we stopped beside an empty grass lot where there were no houses close and let her go in the grass.  I mean, what do we do??  Next time, I will bring our travel potty with us.  Luckily no one drove by or anything.  Sheesh!  Diapers are so much easier!   

Thanks for hanging in there with me through all of these picture free posts.  I know cute pictures are so much more fun to read about.  Those are coming soon.


Lindsay said...

Thank you for the potty training posts! How did you get them to understand the concept? Mine just don't seem to get it!! Do you have t just put them in panties and let them pee all over the place?!? Help!

Gary Puckett said...

Yes, as much as you don't want to you have to put them in panties even at nap and bed time and don't look back. Luckily they have only peed in the rocking chair (which has seen better days any way). The have never peed on the couch or in our bed. Most of the accidents have been on the hard wood and are easily cleaned up. It can get frustrating but we can see progress being made.

Gary Puckett said...

And they only peed in the rocking chair once the first day when everything was still a little new.