Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Big Blank Page

Here it is again.  This big white space ready for me to fill it with updates and cute pictures and funny stories.  Every time I sit down to type/write, I just stare at this empty space.  Then I go on to something else.  I just haven't had it in me this summer (and fall).  Then as it got longer and longer between posts, it just seemed daunting.  Know how many posts I have started and saved to be finished at a later date?  10.  10 posts are sitting in my list.  Some need captions, some need photos, but all need something. 

I have no idea if anyone still reads besides my family and close friends.  I know my site numbers have gone WAY down.   

So today is the day to fill the white space a little bit.

Here are my big kids just a few weeks ago.


Souza Sisters said...

If it makes you feel any better it had been 10 months or so since I last did a post. But I am starting back up!! I blame it on Facebook ;) Your kids are adorable!!

Lindsay said...

I still read!! I know what you mean about starting blogs and never finishing them!!! I have a few sitting in my inbox too!

Dee said...

They're absolutely adorable!

Cecilia said...

Aww, I still read! The kids look great!

Sue Wiley said...

Sara, I read your news. I always love seeing the pictures too. Your kids are all so cute! Love, Aunt Sue

Rebecca said...

Who gives a crap about your numbers? Write for you.

I just told Husband that if I published all of my nonpublished blog posts, our families would never talk to me again and we'd be in marriage counseling. Sometimes you just have to get it out and then pick when you want to focus on...God, I don't think you're supposed to end a sentence with "on," so I just kept writing! the cute!