Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shifting Priorities

Well, I certainly will not be following my yearly tradition of National Blog Posting Month with a post a day in November.  You can go ahead and laugh right along with me on this one.  Since it has been almost a month (yikes!) since my last post, I can safely say I would be setting myself up for failure. 

I have been thinking a lot about this blog.  Truthfully, I started it because it was the thing to do among my on-line friends, especially my multiple moms.  Then, it became my sounding board, my creative outlet, and my therapy.  It didn't hurt that I was recording details of my life that would never be remembered otherwise.  But sometime this year, I lost my way.  It stopped being fun and started becoming one more thing that needed my attention.  One more responsibility.  One more on top of the meeellion I already felt.  It became a chore (gasp!) I know! 

And let me just say - I detest the new way to upload photos.  DE-test it!  One night I decided to get all caught up by uploading pictures into posts to place later.  What I didn't realize is that it doesn't hold those photos unless you actually put them into your post.  Curses!

Then, THEN, I had the brilliant idea to tag each picture I wanted to put in a post as I pulled them from my camera.  Brilliant, right?  Yeah, until I realized that I couldn't choose a certain tag when uploading photos.  Curses, again!  Hours of work, wasted and who has hours in the first place, right?  

But I digress...and continue to think about where I want this blog to go, pretty much on a daily basis.  It used to be high on the priority list.  It was one thing I had for me, by me.  Priorities are shifting.  In a perfect world, I could update everyday with a hilarious story of what goes on here and cute pictures.  I just haven't found the umph I need.  Meanwhile, birthdays, holidays, milestones, moments have passed without a single notation of them.

I hope I can find it, because just doing this has made me realize how much a have missed it.  Who knows, maybe this will be my kick in the pants to get started again.


Rebecca said...

I say, it's your blog...use it as you need it.

I started my blog as a way to remember b/c I knew that I was going to forget so I know that was a good idea!

I haven't had any problems with the pictures on blogger.

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

I too found the new picture upload to be a problem so I reverted back to the old editor under settings. It looks a little different but you can upload several pictures and and post all at once.

I love reading your blog but understand the million ways you can be pulled as a SAHM. Good luck!

Jenn Murray said...

I just starting using Picasa because I can upload 4 photos with one click. :)

Heather said...

I hear you on this. I have been struggling lately with blogging and just "online life" in general.