Monday, December 7, 2009

Opposite of Bragging - Picture FAIL

This was the inspiration
A good friend has 3 kids and she took individual shots of each child behind a letter. Brilliant!

So, do I head to the nearest Wal-mart to copy her? No way! I am El Cheapo! I get the idea to do my own letters at home.

I cut these out of heavy cardboard and then covered them with wrapping paper.
After the second cut from the knife I may or may not have said a few naughty words.

Let the failing begin

Note to self, 7 = perfect age to pose
1 year olds? Not so much

Seriously, what was I thinking? Did I really expect my two 1 year olds to POSE? The ones who don't even SMILE for pictures. Did I REALLY think they would just hold those letters, on the stairs, and smile at the camera??

BUT...then I got this

And I thought, maybe maybe we could salvage this
I only had to get Olivia with the "Y"

Taking a break from being a brat to be cute with Daddy.

OK! I have an idea.
Maybe Zachary could hold the letter and the girls could sit with him!

Except the 7 year old forgot what he was doing all of a sudden.


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NewsPhotoGirl said...

Is it wrong that I'm LOL at this post. It's only because I feel your pain! I think this is the WORST age for pictures! Your kids are adorable and I love the dresses on your girls.

Katie Bug said...

This post made my morning!