Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Zachary

Here he is!!

No wait
That's not right.
HERE he is!

No that's not quite right either

For real
Here he is!
 My huge big kid! 

He is 9 years old today.  

When did this happen?  I am too young to have a 9 year old??  (Not really, but dang, it sure feels that way sometimes).  He is tall, so very tall!  4'10" to be exact.  He no longer fits under my arm or comes up to my shoulder.  I can't even rest my chin on his head anymore.

See how long he is??
This is from his jump party birthday this past weekend

And he is a BOY!  So much a boy.  He does gross boy things like burp on command, laugh about bodily functions, and sweat (eww!)  I may or may not laugh with him.  He is into boy things like; Nerf Guns,Legos, video games like Halo, and he's very into camping and Cub Scout things.  

His hat is always just a little crooked :-)

He is no longer my baby.
Age 3 days old
Look at this sweet smile!
Age 2.5

My little love
(We've both changed a little)
Age 1

He loved to read books
Age 21 months (?)

Happy Birthday sweet boy kid!

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NewsPhotoGirl said...

I love this post and all the pictures. Happy Birthday Zachary!!!