Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog Template Problems

I have been playing around with my template the past week and I am about ready to PULL MY HAIR OUT!! I cannot get the spacing right. CAN. NOT.

So I look to you, dear readers. Do you have a favorite sight to get free (I really need it to be free) 3 column templates? I really like how my background shows through all the way around the post and sidebar columns. And I like that they are in their own cute little boxes.

I really am at my wits end here, people.


Rebecca said...

You should ask someone whose blog you like...I think I use or something like that. It says it on the top of my page in the upper left corner. Good luck!

Following Him said...

Here are three links that my friends use. I am not html literate worth a flip, so I had a friend do my 3 column one. Hope these help! All of these websites offer 3 columns

Following Him said...

leelou blogs is another blog website that is free!

Anonymous said...

yoo. funny !