Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Faux Painting

There were several several things on my list to do before the girl's birthday party to pretty the place up.

Here is my front hallway.
(taken with old camera)

And the wall next to the front door.
(cluttered, ugh!)

So bland! I wanted to try my hand at a faux painting technique my friend did in her house. I used this glaze from Lowes.

I rolled it on and then blotted it off with rags...then I wiped a little...blotted some more...put some paint back on...blotted again...until it looked right. There are some dry lines here and there.

I had to add the iron thingy to cover up a huge line that was there.
It started out black, but I spray painted that bad boy.

This is also a new addition and I LOVE it!

I got it from The Lakeside Collection online, but don't even bother looking it up because I already went to post the link and they no longer have them. :-(

Also a new addition

I love how this turned out. I am REALLY having to restrain myself from putting a saying on every available wall space. This saying is the vinyl ones from DCWV Home - Once Upon a Wall. I actually found mine at Hobby Lobby, but there are others on this site. However, you can do this yourself...AND I DID (!!) in the girl's room and I will SO show you how to do it, too.

Ok...the door...

Yeah, so I totally dripped glaze all the way down the door...all.the.way.down. So as I was frantically trying to wiped it off, the glaze settled into the wood and didn't look half bad. So I just did the whole thing and this is what I got. I really like it and went back later to paint the trim. I am not so crazy about the color of the frame. That may change.

This is the wall that you see to the right in the first picture.

You can really see the lines where the paint overlaped here, but it is all apart of the art of it. At least that is what I tell myself. However, this will be our family picture wall. This is my next project. I am getting all black or dark brown frames to hold the pictures. This was supposed to be done before the party, but well, after staying up to finish cake balls until 4:00 a.m. (oh yes, I did, and no, it was SO not worth it) some things had to wait.

Other things on my list are:

Paint here

I wanted a really bold color like red going up the wall, but I like this leaf hanging too much to have it blend into something. Now I am thinking a nice medium cocoa color (??). I know it sounds like it may blend in too, but actually I think it may work.

Another thing that had to wait -

Can you tell I meant to have this done too?

This will be our kid display area. It will hold art projects, certificates, and other treasures from the kiddos. Right now it has the few things from the dining room that we moved here away from little hands when we baby proofed. The tree, table, and candlesticks will all go away eventually. I am (of course) painting this area. I am not choosing either of these colors, but a chocolate color. I am going to put empty picture frames all along these walls with decorative binder clips inside. This way it can be an ever changing wall of art projects. They want one up? Fine, which one will come down? Believe me there will be plenty. I got this great idea from Family Fun magazine awhile ago. I tried to find the project on their site online, but was not successful.

So as you can see, I will be busy busy for awhile.

P.S. I'm back - full time...pass it on

If you need to catch up, I actually posted some pictures from their party and a video of Olivia walking so check out below.


thefauxguy said...

Very nice work and advice. My wife and I own Mojo Faux Finishes. Check them out at www.mojofaux.com.

Nancy K (Lisa's Mom) said...

Sara, the faux paint looks beautiful! What a difference it makes in the hallway.....