Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Party

Ok, All together now, to the tune of Bingo. Ready?

Therrre was a blogger who really sucked and Lame-o is her name-o
And Lame-o is her name-o!!

Yes, I know I have been totally lame-o in my lack of posting. To quote a favorite blogger of mine "Summer is stealing my creativity". Yes, yes it is. And to make matter worse; my camera broke. Wahhhhh!! BUT...I think this is actually pretty good timing since my brithday was on Tuesday and I didn't get my Mother's Day gift yet either. Sooo...I am thinking new camera. Whoo-hoo!

And now on to

Tah-Dah!! The Birthday Party!!! It was a huge success. We had it in the morning and man, it was a good thing since it was a really hot week last week with temperatures in the 100s. We set up a huge water slide that we borrowed from the neighbors and a small jump house we borrowed from a friend. We also had our baby pool and a larger blow-up pool with a slide. Did I get any pictures of these?? Nooo...(::sigh:: Brandie? Did you get any??)

But I did get pictures of the cakes:

Abby had to swipe her little finger through her "ppy" as she was going by the table.
How did she know that was hers??

Yep, I made them. I was super happy with how they turned out.

Here you can see the cake balls I made on the right along with Marshmello Dips. Yum!! Sugar anyone? Pure bounce-off-the-walls sugar?? On the left are the smash cakes. In the center are the pink and purple flowers Daddy picked up at the store. Just the thing to round it all off.
I kind of dreaded present time. I have been to other parties where the birthday kid was so confused by all the toys and then for them to be passed off without getting to play with them?? I was hoping to avoid this and we did. They only got a few toys and they really didn't fuss when we moved on to the next thing.

And then it was cake time. I got these super cute crowns for them to wear. Abby wore hers like the princess she is. She just sat and grinned at all the attention. Olivia, not so much. She only wore hers for a bit and then off it came.

Both LOVING the attention

So then it came time for the cakes. I feel very strongly that each girl gets their own song so we sang to Abby first. And oh, my gosh!! She was so cute! She just looked around smiled. She beamed as if to say, "You're singing to me?" Oh so cute.

She ate some of her cake, but there was not much smashing going on.

When we sang to Olivia, she looked around at us like we had taken leave of our senses. Meanwhile, Abby still grinned.

She ate more of her cake than Abby did and made quite a mess.

Then we all headed outside for hot dogs and water play.

They had a blast and here are my two fav pictures of the day:

Olivia clapping after she finished her cake. LOVE this one of her. Such a happy little girl.
And here is Abby loving her crown and clapping too. Her poor ears are kinda smooshed which makes it even more adorable. Another happy little girl :-)

I know Brandie will have more and I will probably post them soon. Also, I am well aware of the fact that I have not posted about Zachary's party which was 3 months ago! Sheesh! It's on my list, ok??


monica said...

Look how cute everything turned out!! The cakes look amazing...great job. The girls are so cute as always. Love the crowns that they had on for the cake eating! Great time! We have missed you by the way!

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

I can't believe they are already 1 and I can't believe that due to my kids and husbands behavior we had to leave. I am so sorry, my limit had been reached oh lets say at least 10 times before we even got there.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

They are soooo cute. I love the cakes! It looks like the party was a huge success. Happy Birthday Abby and Olivia!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How precious! I love the cakes & what great pictures! Happy belated birthday to your cutie pies!

Annie said...

You did a great job with their cakes. I like it, so precious.

God bless them.

Liz said...

Looks like a great time. The cakes are adorable. Congrats on making it through the first year with twins.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday girls!! Looks like it was a really fun party!