Thursday, February 11, 2010


So Gary finally convinced me that I needed an iPhone. Olivia killed my little phone, my cute wonderful little phone that I loved more than I think I should have.

So cute! I called it my cigarette lighter phone. It had this cool little trill when I opened it. ::sniff sniff:: Ok moving on...barely...

So I needed another phone and it was just logical to get an iPhone. With all the apps that are available, Gary and I can communicate grocery lists, shopping lists, calendars, pictures, and a ton of other things I am not thinking of right now.

The thing is...I'm a PC.

Gary is a Mac...a die hard fan, all the way, would have married any product of Apple if he could, the world should only be run by Apple kinda guy. But really, is there any other type of Mac?

And can I just bird walk here a little bit? Here is where the differences between Macs and PCs really are. PCs, we can accept the fact that everyone is different, that some people want a Mac and some people prefer a PC, and that's ok. Macs refuse to budge from their Macs-are-better seat. It is almost...weird. Almost. Gary and his best friend are both Macs. I tried to discuss this with them one time. I asked them why couldn't they just say that both have things that are good and people can choose what they want. Scott replied that if that was true then they would say it. ::groan:: I give up!

But I have to hand it to Apple's ad campaigns. They are freakin' hilarious!!

OK, back on track here...Umm...where was I?

OH! I was going to ask what apps are the best. If you have an iPhone what apps are must have?


Soliloquy said...

PCs suck. Macs rule.


Grocery IQ., Remember the Milk, Rise & Shine, Shazam, TweetDeck, and NoteSpark

Let me know if there's anything else you find that you can't live without.

Katie Bug said...

Jeremy is an evangelistic Mac, too. When my PC dies (which will probably be sooner, rather than later) we will become an all-Mac family. My dad is employed by Microsoft, so all of this just kills him!
I don't have an iPone either (so I guess we won't be all-Mac just yet), but I do love playing with Jer's. Before we were parents, my favorite app was probably Urban Spoon. We really liked using it on those "let's go eat somewhere new" nights.
Right now, though, Jer is really loving Dragon Dictation. It allows you to dictate messages & then converts them into text. Works for text messages, emails, and C&Ping the notepad or other apps.

Leslie said...

My boyfriend Carlos got me HOOKED on iPhone n now i'm an app junkie! lol FACEBOOK of course, BANKARAMA(its a checkbook), BILLTRACKER(self explanatory), AWESOME NOTES(customizable notes and i'm a list maker!), MYFITNESSPAL(you put in your weight, height, age, activity level, goal weight n it tells you how many calories a day you can eat and then it has a database of restaurants, fast food, grocery store items and you can even create one if its not in there to keep track of calories), MSECURE (to keep track of passwords),MYWIRELESS (view att bill, minutes, usage), REDBOX, IEMOJI (for smiley faces n such), MIDOMI SOUND HOUND (better than shazam), MOMENTO (diary), BUMP(not really necessary but FUN!), DICTIONARY, THESAURUS, CONVERT (good for cooking, or converting ANYTHING) I know its a lot but I love my apps!

Sara said...

Ooo, good ones. Keep them coming!

Heather said...

Oh wow! I love this post and the responses you got so far! I got John (and myself) an iPhone for Christmas. LOVE IT!

I have some of the above apps too. The only other ones I didn't see that I like are Pandora and AroundMe (it tells you bathrooms, gas stations, fast food places based on your location).


Jennifer said...

I just got my first iPhone last week, and I was a little overwhelmed! I'm new to this whole app thing, too. I downloaded Weather Channel, Tic Tac Toe, and Numbrix. (all free!) All the above sound like great suggestions and brand new ways I can waste time! :-)