Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laptop Woes and more talking

Well, if I wasn't all ready to jump back into blogging when my laptop decided to take a break. Hmph! I have been putting up with a few PC jokes around here, but really I think it was just the closeness of a certain Mac that had it sputtering. All my recent pictures are on it. Since it is not the hard dive, but a power issue, I am not really worried. Except the fact that I have no new pictures to share.

I can report that vocabulary has jumped once again overnight.

~Abby now calls Olivia "Shissy" even though we have never once called them this. We always call them by their names with an occasional "sister" thrown in. I am forever hearing "Where Shissy?" then Abby will get up and walk around calling, "Shissy?" Olivia said "Abby" for the first time tonight.

~They say "Go bye bye? in da ca? I shoes? I hat?" every day. And really do not want to hear no as the answer.

~They call the swing and slide outside "the wee" because they say "wheee!" when going down it or when they are swinging. Olivia was actually saying it in her sleep the other night and pointing straight up at the ceiling. She loves to wee! And she must have her hat on to go outside. And she wants me to have one on as well.

~They get their purse on their arm, put a hat on their head and call "Buh-bye!" and head down the hall to go the store.

~Olivia wakes up and says, "I go night-night" then when she wants to head downstairs "I eat"

~When I give them any kind of snack, whether it should be in a bowl or not, Abby says "Bowl?" She even knows where to find one and gets it herself.

~When a cup or bowl is empty and need of a re-fill, Olivia says "Nee nee?" I have no idea where this came from. Maybe empty? But we say "all gone". Abby has just started saying it, too.

It is hilarious to listen in on conversations that may go something like this...

Abby: I blah blibbity bloo bleh ha?
Olivia: Nnnoo... Smecka wit blap blet?
Abby: No... Mommy haty wase blahity?
Olivia: Yeah!

And it goes on and on like they are talking. I guess they are! They still babble along with their gibberish, but they are getting to where we can actually understand what they are saying. It's really exiting!

I know this post was a bit all over the place. I was in a posting mood. I am sorry there are no new pictures. I will hopefully get the pictures off my computer soon.

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Rebecca said...

Love the gibberish!!! Too cute!

Cat said...

So sweet- my son's about that age and it's a few handfuls of words he knows, but 90% blahbitty nonsense words.

Anonymous said...

isn't it so much fun when they start to talk??? It is so cute it can't help but warm your heart.

Lindsey Petersen