Monday, March 1, 2010

Life...'s happening all around me.

~No one is sick in our house. (knocking on wood)

~The office is now a playroom! Pictures will follow soon. We chose beautiful colors for the walls and I found the perfect fabric! I can't wait to show it off for you.

~This means I have my loverly dining room back. Have I ever posted pictures of my loverly dining room?? It is gorg! One of my favorite things I have done to the house!

~The computers and bookcases filled with books have come to rest in our bedroom. It is by far the biggest room in the house. Everything fit without us moving one piece of furniture that was in there. Well, I am not counting the Ab machine that had turned into a clothesline, mmkay? That has found it's way into the garage.

~This also means all things office have found a home (or not) around the house. I am working hard to find a home for everything and it is HARD work, people! I am also learning that some things home is the trash **GASP** I know!!

~There a million and fifty-five little tiny things that need to be done. Both Gary and I have had our moments of looking around and wailing, "It will never get done, NEVER!" Ok, so I wailed. He did have his moment though.

~Simple Thursday will return - It keeps me on track. Especially with all this upheaval. Especially since I found stacks and stacks of things I love but do not use. Ugh! That will def be a post for another time.

~I am on my old computer without any new pictures so there is nothing new to show you. Sorry about that!

~ And last but not least...please click on the button below. The website has reset all their numbers so I want to get in there once again. As long as you land on the home page, your vote for me has been counted. You can click once a day. So please do so!

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Heather said...


So glad you have healthy household right now. I think we are on our way there too. Still on antibiotics, but no more breathing treatments for the time being.

Hope YOU are well!

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Yay! I can't wait to see pictures of your playroom. And yay for no more sick kids!!

monica said...

Can't wait to see updated pictures of the playroom and the dining room. Sounds like you have been busy!