Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall Festivities

This is another catch-up post :-)

Back in October, we headed to a local pumpkin patch with some great friends.

They loved these little pumpkins
Is anyone else a little freaked out about the rat
that appears to be attacking my children?

But time stood still when they saw Dora, Diego and Boots
Yes, that is Olivia stroking Dora's face

True Love
Do you think they could have drawn Dora a little smaller? 
I mean, look at that massive head!  It is 3 times the size of Diego's.
And what's with Boots.  He appears freaked out by something.
Maybe...Dora's head?  Heh?  Heh??

Zachary demonstrates his strength

Abby tries to decide which one

Picking out a pumpkin is hard work!

The girls ended up choosing one from the Pumpkin House

Then it was time to carve them up for Halloween.  

The girls demonstrate the face they want

I helped Olivia with hers

Zachary helped Abby
And I got this priceless shot

Zachary needed no help to get his started


Scary faces!!

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Jennifer said...

I didn't realize how curly their hair was!!