Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am going to do some catch-up over the next few weeks. Better late then never, right? :-)

Halloween was so much fun with the girls this year. Zachary was with his dad, so I don't have any pics of him. The discussion of costumes was a long and drawn-out one. We talked about cats, but they settle on butterflies. And when I say settled, I mean Olivia decided she wanted to "fly high in the sky" like a butterfly. So, a purple butterfly it is. Did I pick purple for her? Nope, she has taken over that choice. She loves her some purple. Abby was completely like "whatever" about the entire thing. So a pink butterfly it is for her.

My beautiful butterflies

My pink Abby butterfly

My purple Olivia butterfly

The Butterfly Wagon
I swear they were excited

The first Treat or Treat

With our sweet neaighbor

One thing I was really surprised about was that Abby was the one who ran ahead to every house and said "Treat or Treat" loud and clear.  Abby is usually the clingy one who needs some warm up time, but not that night.  Olivia held back a little, which is soo not like her.  A little Halloween surprise to keep us on our toes.
More treat or treating
Ahh, the spoils of the night

Chocolate - Mmmm
Notice the makeup?  Yeah, I created a monster with that.

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