Friday, June 5, 2009

Brag About Friday

Yep, it's actually on time this week. I know, a shocker, right?

I LOVE this age the girls are in. Love love love it! They are so so much fun to be around and play with. They are starting to understand what we say.

Olivia is within a few days of walking. She has taken a few steps on her own, but then falls down. She thinks she can walk now, though. She will just take off and then fall. She is SO close to being able to.

When she does try to walk she dances and then falls. She loves music and dances anytime she gets a chance. She puts her hands up and looks like she is doing the twist. I am trying to get her feet too. She does this step back thing that is hilarious!

I finally got a video of Abby walking. She is yelling at Zachary here to notice her.

And here she is throwing a fit. at 10 months old (this was a few weeks ago). I think we are in for a treat when she hits 2. I love how she peeks up at me in between her cries. "Is it working, Mama?" BTW - I am saying no to her about the camera, but also to get her throwing a fit. I am mean like that :-).

These are the pictures I am using for their first birthday invitation.
(EEEKKK, really?? Has it really been almost a year??)

This is what usually happens with the B-O-W-S at our house, especially if they look over and see the other one with one in her hair. It is almost like they think to themselves, "She has a bow! Hmmm...That means I have a bow, too!" And out it comes.

We are all dressed up to go to Zachary's awards ceremony. He got AB honor roll and Great Citizenship Award. Way to go, Zach! He only had to "change his color" or "pull a card" twice this year, in which he was VERY upset.

I got this picture of Abby one night. I think it probably one of my favorite pictures of her. It captures her delightful bubbly self. Oh, I could just eat her up with a spoon!!

And Olivia thinks she is so funny to hide behind the curtains in the living room. She will sit behind them for 10 mins at a time then pop out.

We got the girl's one year pictures made today. ACK! It was a beating! I will post those soon.

What do you want to brag about today??


Erin said...

Sara, the girls are SO grown up! And SO adorable! It is so hard to believe that my two will soon be walking, crawling, and dancing around like that! :)

tbonegrl said...

Cannot believe how big they are! Can't WAIT to see the 1 year pics!

NikkiPM said...


P.S.....such a mean mommy to get her to throw a fit...but, I am laughing my butt off! We used to do that kinda stuff to Baillee....who will be 17 in God!, how old does that make us?!?!

Heather said...

They are so adorable! I can't believe it is time to celebrate their birthdays!

Linda said...

They are SO grown up! I can't believe how fast they grow. They are so full of life in all of the pictures you share.