Monday, June 15, 2009

Makes My Monday

Texas is always a hot spot for tornado weather and other thunderstorms during the Spring and Summer months. Last week we had major rain and thunderstorms with 75 mile per hour winds at one point. A little scary...

The fence in between us and the neighbor blew down.

The girl's slide went tumbling around the yard.

The place where the girl's little pool used to be.
Gary says it's in Oz now.

The fence across the way from us.
Notice how every other one is down.

Several of my herbs were spilled and broken
Zachary was kind enough to say, "It's a good thing they were already dead."
Dying, Dear. There is a difference.

Since Zachary wants to be a weather man, we made the mistake of teaching him how to read a radar on TV or the computer. So now, whenever bad weather is on it's way , he has to go check the radar. There is no sugar coating the status when we are watching it. At one point, the Satellite went out for a bit, like it does during stormy weather. He was thoroughly disgusted. Why oh why would the TV go out when we needed to watch the weather the most!?!

We ended up in the hall closet. Let me tell you, rounding up three kids and a cat is not easy. Especially a cat who doesn't want to be around little hands who grab at her. But, all was well. The sirens only went off once, but there was no tornado near us. God had to hand on us and kept us safe. Now...if only we could find a way to keep the Satellite from going out ;-)

The fact that we were kept safe Makes My Monday...
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Heather said...

Good grief, I can't imagine getting everyone into the closet and a cat too! God bless you!

I never answered your ? about the blog, did I? my header is from scrapblog and I did the columns/background myself with html code.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

so glad that you are all safe!