Friday, June 19, 2009

Brag About Friday

Professional Picture time!!

Oh.My.Lord. have mercy!! It was the biggest beating of all time. Gary and I were literally sweating when it was over. Tears and bows flew everywhere the whole time. They would not keep bows in! Ugh! But we were pleasantly surprised at the shots that came from the circus that was the session.

This is the best one of both of them together

I then wanted to get them for the back with no clothes on. I think these turned out as good as they could for how the day went.

Then I wanted some of them as individuals in different outfits and everything. First of all, Olivia Would NOT! She wanted to go, go, go. She kept looking down and away from the camera. Ugh!

Look at this setting. How cute!!
Also, notice the lack of smile and bow

We finally got this one of her smiling ok.

Now for Abby, as soon as Olivia moved, she crawled over onto the fabric turned around, crossed her legs, put her hands in her lap, and grinned the most beautiful grin. She didn't even have a bow in her hair yet because we were so not ready! Neither was the photographer. She scrambled and managed to get this one before Abby crawled away.

Then we got this cute one
But we really like this one of her

Some Out Takes = yummy
Of course the one time Olivia smiles big,
Abby is chowing down on the props.

These flowers = yummy too
I LOVE these outfits and you can't even see them :-(

I am sorry I have been missing in action so much lately. We have been getting ready for all things birthday party related. I have painted the entryway a faux finish that just about did me in, but it does look pretty. Have a great weekend and Father's Day!


NewsPhotoGirl said...

Awww, they turned out great!

Annie said...

Wonderful pictures and they look so cute.

Have a great weekend.

Rebecca said...

I don't know if the bow is a fight that I'm ready to have! I love the outtakes...they're the best! Adorable!

monica said...

I think they turned out wonderful! Yeah the stuff that you have to do to get kids to smile. Their outfits are so cute and so is the backgrounds. Every photo is another stage of life and this the stage that they are to love that!

NikkiPM said...

OMG! How cute! But, I absolutely love Olivia's Donald Trump hairdo in the white windowbox pic....that's priceless!

Daisy said...

The outtakes are fabulous! I love the "eating the flower" pic.

Keri said...

Oh, I love all of the pictures. I think you guys did great! And, I understand your pain with bows-- my daughter won't keep a bow or hat on for anything:-)!!

Lani said...

I think you got some great pictures! Picture-taking is so stressful isn't it?