Monday, October 19, 2009

New Fun Things

Last week I got to have a girl's night of shopping and chatting with my good friend, Linda. We went to the Just Between Friends Sale (Umm...yes, another one. Shut it!) I found a few things and they are quickly becoming favorites.

Both girls love to wear their shoes inside. They have to have them on when ever they catch a glimpse of one. I really don't want them wearing shoes all day. I think their little feet need room to grow and they walk better without shoes. But Winter and cold floors are coming up so I knew I need a solution.

Enter my solution for $2 each!! I am IN LOVE with these crochet shoes. They are soft with ties so that I can tighten them. Not too hot like house shoes would be. I really don't want sweaty stinky feet. PERFECT!!

What's better is they love them too! I asked Abby to show me her shoes.

Check out that pointed foot!

Do I have a budding ballerina? or a model??
I also got this super fun water table. It has a pump and I got it for a steal! $25! Of course, when I got it home it didn't work. Grrr!! This is what really sucks about consignment sales. Not everyone is as honest as they should be. But I opened up that bad boy and fixed it!! Oh yes I did. Go handy man, er woman! The small rudder inside the pump had come apart. No problem! New batteries and that baby was ready to go. We got to use this on the last day of really warm weather around here last week.

I seriously had to shoo the big kids away (that is the girl next door there too, Tierney). They were TAKING THEIR TOYS. Seriously! The big kids were very politely taking the containers away from the girls. Shoo, big kids!!

Clothes soon became soaked and so we just took them off.
I love how they play side by side.

I included this picture so you can see how long Olivia's hair is in front.

They love it! Another really great thing is the pump has a timer so it doesn't run down the battery! Genius! Of course, the girls soon figured out where to push to bring the water back. I think I will try to fill it with corn or rice for them at some point since it is too cold for water now. And maybe sand in the Spring! The pump can come off so it doesn't get all yucky.

AND...I had to include these two. They love to kiss, but they are so quick I usually don't capture it. This was before bath time so Abby was already undressed but Olivia wasn't yet. And yes, they were climbing on their stroller. Little mountain goats...

Another cute shot. You can really see the difference in their heights here. I think they are doing the whole nose chin kissing more than mouth kissing here.

New fun things "Make My Monday". Play along!


cat said...

Such cute pictures. We have little soft leather mocassims type shoe here called ShooShoes here - best for little feet.

monica said...

That is a super cute play water table! I have never seen one like that before...and good job fixing it!! Look how cute the girls their shoes also and especially for $2!

Adriane said...

Those are great pictures!! Love the shoes and the ones of them playing outside. Adorable!!! And, the ones of them kissing?! Are you kidding? Sooooo sweet. Wish my girls liked each other that much! :-)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Sara, loved seeing all these adorable images! (and that toe point! Model AND a ballerina!)

That final kiss in particular Makes My Monday...thanks for playing along!

NikkiPM said...

Love the little crochet "houseshoes!" Too cute!