Saturday, October 17, 2009

Using Spoons

My big big girls are using spoons!
They take it VERY seriously.

Olivia has to see what Abby is up to

Notice how messy Olivia is
Normal learning-to-eat mess, right?

Yeah, Abby doesn't believe in a mess. Period.

So far we have tried yogurt, potato soup, Cheerios with milk, guacamole, and taco soup. The taco soup was tasty but tore through their little systems. Wow! The gas and the sleep that night were bad so no more of that family favorite.

Also notice we have a lefty AND a righty. It should be very interesting as they start writing. My nephew is a lefty. I bet she got it from him ;-).


Brandi Tooker said...

Ok - that's funny that one is so ok with getting messy and one isn't! Adorable!

Annie said...

My girls don't like to be messy. They no, yikes,haha.

The girls look so big.

Enjoy your weekend.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Cute. I wish I had at least one neat girl but no, they both make a huge mess! I had to laugh at the taco soup although I'm sure it was not a fun night for anyone.

NikkiPM said...

I love how Abby is such a little prissy princess! It cracks Mom and I up!