Sunday, October 25, 2009

The one where I scare Olivia with my toes

Olivia has always had a strange fear of painted toenails. When she was a crawler, she would try to cover up my mom's toes. This fear was taken to a whole new depth when I painted my toe nails black for Halloween and just cause I am cool like that.

See? Aren't they pretty?
Olivia does not think so. Keep in mind that my toes have been painted for about a week here. This is not a first reaction.

Poor Olivia - And I am going to comfort her not to chase her with them. But she had a purpose, to get the rag that I used to wash off their trays. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Toward the end she blows her nose with it.

Hopefully she will get over this by the time it's time to paint her own.


Heather said...

oh my goodness! that is so hysterical! hope things are going well with your family.

thanks for your kind words about my father. he is doing better, just getting adjusted to his new healthier lifestyle.

Annie said...

Oh poor girl. The second video made me laugh, so cute.

Have a nice week.

Genie said...

Too cute!!! I saw you trying to "get her" with those painted toes. :)

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

maybe she wouldnt be so scared if you had painted their toes when they were tiny babies

NikkiPM said...

LOL! Such a mean, scary momma...with the PAINTED TOENAILS! But I do love the 2nd clip where she is just desperately trying to cover those horrors up!

Rebecca said...

That is really just too cute...I'm sure she'll love this one when she's about 15 and begging for a pedicure for homecoming!