Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Way Back When-esday - Pottery Barn Chairs

I have decided that catching up from summer posts is kinda like celebrating "Way Back", right? Right?? Well, I say so. And I realize some of you got this in your readers or email on Sunday. I was actually planning ahead and accidentally posted it instead of saving it. A h well, enjoy it again...

Here is a long overdue post about a summer purchase we were super excited about. One of the things we wanted the girls to have was soft chairs. We really really wanted Pottery Barn Chairs

We have heard great things about them, but you have to buy the slipcover plus the soft inserts. Grand total is around $160 for each chair. Umm, yeah... I'll wait for you to pick yourself up off the floor. There was NO WAY I was spending that much for a chair. No way, no how. I looked around a bit more and realized that I could get a smaller Pottery Barn Chair for about $100. Still no go. I couldn't do it. Then, they went on sale bringing them down to $80 a chair. Hmmm..better, but still way too much for our budget. I was so bummed.

THEN I remembered I had racked up a butt load of points on MyPoints That is a whole nother pt! So I cashed in my points for a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids. Am I a genius or what?? I was so excited!

We decided to head to Dallas to the store there instead of ordering on line. Shipping was almost as much as the chairs! I walked in and fell in love with everything there. Rugs, dolls, kitchen toys, books, bed sets, lighting - Oh my so loverly! Focus, Sara! They had a green gingham floor model that the girls tried out for size. I really wanted to get a pink dotted one for Abby and a purple doted one for Olivia. Of course, these are their signature colors. But Abby fell in love with the green one. She cried when we would try to put it back up on the shelf. We even brought a pink one over and she pushed it out of the way and pulled the green one back down. Too funny! She knows what she wants at least. Heaven help me for the future if this is how she is at 1!

Even better was the fact that if we bought the floor model we got a discount. This just keeps getting better and better! I gave up my original plan of pink and purple (go me!) and settled on green and pink gingham. Would you like to know how much we ended up paying??


A piece, you ask? NO! That is total with tax and everything! I know!! I was super excited! What a deal! I loves me some deals, you know!

So now I have to share the wonderful pictures of them sitting quietly in them smiling for the camera right? Bwahahahah!! You kow better than that! But I did my best and here they are.

This was back in August when we first got them.

Olivia posing, but nope, not smiling

They love to read their books in them.

They are good for standing in, too.

These were just a few weeks ago

Sometimes they end up in the same chair watching TV

They take a break from TV watching to cuddle up
I love this one
But soon Abby wants to get back to her TV watching

"Seriously, Mom. Can you do something here?"

So I do.
Lounging is the way Olivia likes to lay in hers.

I'll get all caught up some day :-)

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Annie said...

Love their pictures. Your girls are so cute and the last two pictures made me laugh.

Great deal!!!

monica said...

Oh my gosh they are too cute! and love the chairs and diffently the price!!

Adriane said...

So cute! Can't believe the deal you got!!! Grandma got us the pink dot chairs for Christmas - I am so excited for the girls to play with them!

Linda said...

I love that the snug together to watch tv! I was on the fence on those chairs too. The ones you got are really cute!

Wishing 4 One said...

Oh man they are so big now and so super super cute. Love those chairs and what a deal girl. How fun!

Cheryl Lage said...

You WORK that deal, Sara! AWESOME!

The pictures of your twosome in their own, then sharing space then on top of each other just makes me smile. Twins seem to have no concept of personal space!

Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday---great having you on the reverie road with us, Sara!