Sunday, May 24, 2009


Weellll...better late than never right?

We went down to my parents for Easter and had a great time. All my nephews hunted the eggs.

Zachary checking out his loot

Where was Miss Abby? Zonked out with Daddy

Olivia took advantage of being the only baby around.
She loved playing with all the eggs.

After Abby woke up, we headed back outside to get some pictures.
Olivia was fine with posing just not smiling.

Abby was hilarious! Her prissy side came out in full swing. She did NOT want to sit on the rock.

The grass was worse. She made the funniest faces as she rung her little hands.

After we rescued Abby, Olivia's outdoorsy side came out as she just lay right down in the grass.

Look at my little country bumpkin

I did get some good pictures of Abby in between her fussing.

Here is her new favorite thing to do
Such a lady...
And then...



Missy said...

What beautiful pictures! Your girls are adorable!

NewsPhotoGirl said...

It looked like fun. Cute dresses! I can't believe how different they look. It's more noticeable side by side. When did Olivia get all that hair?! What is more amazing is that they sit next to each other long enough to take pictures! S and H are off in different directions as soon as I set them on the ground (sigh).

Rebecca said...

Adorable pics!

Rachael said...

i love their dresses!

Heather said...

So adorable... love the dresses and I am quite jealous you can get little bows in. Cute, cute, cute!

monica said...

Love their dresses. They are super cute! Sorry I guess I haven't checked in in a few days so trying to get caught up. Great pictures. Zachery got a lot of eggs!