Thursday, May 7, 2009

Under Construction

My header is too long for my template and for my blogher ads, so I am in the process of working it over now. It's a slow process since I grab any time I can here and there. Hang in there with me

Also, I will be doing a Brag About Friday post tomorrow and I would love to have some of you participate with me. Do you have something worth bragging about? Want to celebrate it with me? Join me tomorrow. You can put it in your comments or do a post about it on your own blog. See you then...


monica said...

They were never very good sleepers as infants and growing bigger. Then around a year old I got them to sleep again but it didn't last very long and they were up again (for who knows what) Cody seems to get gas at night and that will wake him up. But then about 6 months ago I got lazy and just let them sleep with me. And then we just got lazy.

So this isn't my first all night sleep night but one of the few. I am sure that you won't have the sleeping issues that I had. You have the best little girls there are!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new name signature! ~Linda