Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can Count

Wow! The grand total was 39 so I rounded it on up to 40. I guess I have some shopping to do.

We are headed to the doctor today. Olivia has this barking cough that kept her up a lot last night. She ended up in our bed and she slept better. Abby had this last week and I was prepared for it to be croup, but it was Strep...AGAIN! She has had Strep Throat every two months since April. I am sure this is what Olivia has now even though we took her in the same day to get swabbed.

I can't wait to share some holiday traditions with you! We got our tree up without too much hassle from the girls, which was a surprise. They were so excited! Those pictures are coming soon.

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Rebecca said...

Too much strep! Are they thinking of taking her tonsils out?

Sara said...

We talked about that but they said they don't like to do it with one so young. It may come to that though!