Monday, December 21, 2009

No laptop = sucketh

I have so.many. posts it is unreal built up in my mind. I have putting up the tree, Christmas decorations, Christmas traditions, "favorite things" gift-giving, blah blah this, and blah blah that. I have also not read hardly any blogs lately so I am going through blog withdrawal.

I need to download my pictures to my office computer, which I am on now, and get busy. However every time I step over the gate or even mess with the gate, Olivia runs full out toward me yelling, "Nonononononono!." The only reason I am on here now is that Olivia is still taking her nap. Abby is up but all she wants me to do is watch her jump on Zachary every little bit.

Some good things that have come out of my laptop being sick
~No longer on those stupid Facebook games. Anyone play them? Oh my gosh, can you say addictive?? I have not cooked in my cafe, harvested my crops, decorated my house, or fed my pet in over a week (!!) I know they are totally stupid games, but I enjoy them. I also know what a time suck they are.

Ok, I have had my post fix for today. I hope all is well with my internet family :-)

Hopefully I can jump on here tonight after the girls go to sleep and post like crazy!

P.S. and just in time since Olivia just woke up.

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1 comment:

monica said...

I was just wondering about you...glad to hear that you all are good! Yes the clingy stage...isn't that fun! I love the facebook games. I have scaed it down a bunch and now only play CafeWorld. I have let my two farms go and all the other ones. I hope one day to start farming again but right now just don't have the time! Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see pictures!