Friday, January 22, 2010

Answering Your Questions - 2

When I asked people to de-lurk last week, I got a great response! Thank you so much! Part 1 Q&A can be found here.

#4 from real life friend and former teaching co-worker, Rachel of The Bug's Life.
~Do you miss teaching?
I miss teaching; the kids, the creative lesson planning, the poster and big book making, the songs, the dances, calendar time, the connections, Writer's Workshop, Reader's Workshop, reading groups, handing out Cowboy Cash, making butter, green eggs and ham, center time, reading books, Name of the Day...I miss all aspects of the teaching process. I miss being part of a group of adults, being part of a team.
What I don't miss are the forms, the tests, the TPRI, the DRA, the IEPs, the stress, the silly co-worker fights, the pee smell, the being stuck in one room for 8+ hours a day without the option of using the bathroom at any point. I do not miss my bosses, but I miss my co-workers more than I can ever say. :-)

#5 from Lisa at Sophie and Hannah's Big Adventure. I swear our girls are exactly alike. Sophie is SO much like Abby and Hannah has a lot of Olivia's qualities. I find myself nodding along to most of her posts, thinking "Yes! Mine do that too!"
~Do you take your girls to story time or group activities?
Oh, I am so bad. I don't. I know I should. This is one of my goals this year. We need to get out of the house more. Honestly, I am a little terrified at the idea of me handling them on my own in public, especially when they are not contained in a stroller or basket. BUT, like I said, I will be working on this. I would like to do more playgroups and other things like this.

#6 from Monica at The Jonas Family - Life with twin boys.
~How did you do with the big list that you wanted to do in 2009? I think it was on the side of your blog for a while...did you get any of it accomplished and are you still working on it 2010?
I am still working on it this year. In fact, I only got 13 crossed off. Ugh! You can see which ones on the left there. I am re-writing those goals for this year and hope to get more than that crossed off. It did help me to have that list reminding me what needed to be done. I think 1-50 should have been survive.

#7 from my cousin, Brook at The Life of Little Lady England!
~When are you coming to OK for a visit?
Ha ha! Soon, I hope. I miss seeing you all very much. I wish we lived closer so that we could hang out more often. My question to you? When are YOU coming down for a visit?? ;-)

My last question came from Heather at 3 under 3.
~I am amazed by your ability to NOT be 100% crazy with all the strep issues. Did you have the appt with the ENT doctor yet?
I answered this a little when I talked about our sleep issues in the first Q&A post, but I update. We are still Strep free!! YAY! If we think they are getting it, we will go straight to the ENT for a more thorough culture. If it continues to be a problem, then we will be taking out tonsils. I am hoping we have knocked it out for good! Sleep is also going SO much better. Bless Gary's tough heart! Olivia is now sleeping through the night about 5 nights out of the week. Abby will sleep through about 3 nights a week, but she only wakes up once and just needs us to cover her back up and sit there with her a few minutes until she is back to sleep. Halleluiah! (Spell check went crazy with that word. Is that right?? It looks right??)

Also, thanks to the following people who either de-lurked or posted a sweet comment:
Cheryl of Twinfatuation
Sara, who reads at night
Kelly of Catching Up With Cooper, another real life friend and fellow teacher co-worker
Nikki, who I have known for about 20+ years
and to Anonymous, who just confused the crap out of me.

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My blog crush was one of the commenters.


Katie Bug said...

Ha, ha to the pee smell! I'd never consciously realized that this smell goes hand in hand with teaching primary grades.

monica said...

Thanks for answering all of our questions!!

daega99 said...

Such fascinating answers!!!


Rach said...

Great to get to know you with all your Q&A's! What a great idea!!


Rachael said...

thank you helps a lot just to get it out there and hear the support from others! i am hoping that it is just because this is a new thing and they will get bored with it soon. hoping :)

NikkiPM said...

It's crazy...but, yes!, we have been pals for 20 years now!, I am teaching across the hall from ANDREA REED! She is actually my TEAM just gets crazier and crazier....and, on Thursday, Rob HOLLEMAN (who finally retired) was up at Smith subbing down the hall from me.