Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Thursday

The girls have the flu. So sleep has not been going so well this week. But let me tell you, give me the flu any day over Strep! They are clingy and needy, but still feel like playing and going about life as usual. The biggest change we have seen is their energy level. They go, go, go then they come and collapse on us to rest for a little bit then they are off again. So I made this simple tip pretty short since we are doing lots of cuddling here today. I would love to hear how other Moms and women have made life more simple!

My simple tip today is pretty simple in itself. When the girls were younger they HATED to have their faces wiped after a meal. I was tired of fighting them every day so we started a new trend. We would carry them (away from us so we would not get dirty as well) to the sink. I would get a handful of water and rub around on their faces. They LOVED it, especially if a tapped on their mouths for a bit and let them make the "Bwahbwah" sound. Then I would rinse off their hands and dry them off. It was a perfect solution for us and it made our lives so much easier there for awhile. They don't mind their mouths getting wiped these days, but oh! How they would fight us when they were younger!

I have so many ideas about simplifying life I want to share. I have found them all over! I would love to hear how other Moms and women make their lives a little more simple. It can be anything at all! I know my previous 2 how focused on my kids, but if you have a great tip about cleaning out your car (I have one of these too!) or how not to let the mail clutter the counter up, share away!

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monica said...

What a graet idea! The boys didn't mind having their faces washed so I never thought of doing it another way. Yay for making sounds with the water also!