Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Abby tested positive AGAIN for Strep on Christmas Eve (yeah, that's not a place you wanna be an a holiday) The pedi put them both on antibiotics just to be on the safe side. On Monday, two days after finishing a heavy duty antibiotic, Olivia is now testing positive and Abby is negative. Both girl's throats are fire engine red and they are miserable. They each got 2 shots of Penicillin, but are not on any antibiotics. On top of that they have coughs, yucky coughs that end in throwing up. We are so tired. This is the reason I have been absent. I hope they bounce back soon and I can get back into the swing of things.

We are going to an ENT dr on Friday to see what can be done for them. They have been fighting Strep on and off since last March. We are tired, so so very tired of it. And sleep?? Fo-getaboutit...only a few hours at a time then one or both of them are with one of us in bed and the other in the recliner. Infancy, anyone?? I took those 4-5 hours we were getting for granted that is for sure.

I just wanted to check in really quick. I will be back soon with some cutey pictures.

Oh, and terrible twos have hit Abby like a Mack truck. Holy Moly!!

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Rebecca said...

Ugh! I got strep so much as a child...I, too, missed a wonderful Christmas because of it...laying on the couch looking all pathetic. We have pictures of it. Have they talked about taking their tonsils out? That is supposed to help.

monica said...

Good luck on the upcoming doctor's appointments. Hoping that the docor can do something to get them some relief from sick all the time. Congrats on the Top baby blog nomination...I will go and vote! Love the new blog look...looks awesome!

Amy said...

Oh goodness! I hope that the girls feel better soon!!