Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled programing

We are all well (knocking on wood). It was a rough 2 weeks there. Everyone is feeling much better. Gary finally had to go get an allergy shot to feel better.

Abby, by far, was the worst hit and took the longest to be herself. I have never seen her so sick.

She did a lot of sitting around looking pale.

She fell asleep anywhere and everywhere
in the middle of the morning most days.

In my arms, in the car,
in her chair...

while climbing onto the couch...

No kidding, I came into the living room
to check on her and this is how she was.

And what was Olivia doing? She was feeling better and full of mischief, wanting so much to wake up her sister!

Oh MY, she was full of it.

Abby is still not 100% better. She is still coughing some and still clingy, clingy, clingy! She is going through a huge stranger danger phase. She cries big scared tears whenever a stranger comes around, and by stranger I mean ANYONE who does not live in this house. This includes by friend Farrell, her Uncle Jonathan, our friend Sarah; she even takes time to warm up to her Grana whenever she comes every Tuesday and Thursday.

She also wants me to do everything for her. When Gary tries to get her out of her chair or wipe her face or change her diaper or push her in the swing, or anything, she immediately says, "NO! Mommy!!!" Then she babbles and shakes her head saying, "No, no, blah blah blah, Daddy!" with her forehead creased in a frown. Oh my! Please tell me this is a phase, a very short one.

Olivia, on the other hand, is talking and repeating everything. I can't even keep a list anymore because she says several new words a day. Today she busted out with, "Where my nack? My NACK????" and "I go pooop!" The way she says poop is just the funniest thing! I hope I can get it on video.

My babies...are not so much babies anymore...Thank Gawd!!

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monica said...

I am so happy that you all are feeling much better! Those picture are awesome. Love how kids sleep. I hope for your sake that the mommy stage is just that a stage. Take while you can, because pretty soon they won't like you :)

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Poor girls! I'm glad they're feeling better.

Katie Bug said...

Glad you are getting all of your kids back to normal. Those sleeping pictures are hilarious!
During all of these bouts with sickness, how many times have you thought, "I am so glad I'm not teaching right now"?
I think that every time Katelyn gets sick...and I wonder what in the world I am going to do next year when I go back to work.

Our Life With Twins said...

Love your blog! I love the saying "twice as nice". My last name is Nice, and my baby shower theme was "Twice as Nice" i am a proud mom of identical twin boys!