Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Little Helper

Olivia is going through a stage where she wants to help me. She puts dishes in the sink, things in the trash, she even helps bring groceries in from the car. The bread may or may not have resembled a limp dishrag, but that's ok. She helping!

She loves our new washer,
but does not like that she can't climb inside.

Abby has no interest in doing laundry,
none at all...

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Heather said...


And OMG, how cute is she "helping" you. I love this stage. Josie and Violet love to "help me" pick up their toys. So cute.

Lindsay said...


Hey, about the sidewalk chalk in my post- I was shocked that my kids did not try to eat the chalk because we have not had much luck with crayons thus far. But we have played with chalk several times and no eating! Victory!