Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sickness Abounds


We took the girls to the Dr. yesterday.

Olivia has bronchitis, Strep throat, and the beginning of pink eye. She is in a spunky mischievous mood this week. Holy toddler behavior, people!

Abby has pink eye in both eyes, bronchitis, Strep throat, and a double ear infection. Poor girl. She feels horrible. She tries to smile and play, but mostly she is just limp in our arms. She is not impressed with Olivia's behavior since it is pointed at her most of the time!

Strep throat!! Again! We had a good run. We have an appointment at the end of the month with the specialist. Their first opening was the 30th (!!) I am really not sure where we go from here. They are on 3 different prescriptions and the antibiotic is for 20 days. Plus, they got steroid shots to help with the wheezing. They did test negative for RSV, thank God!

Zachary is much much better. Gary is over the flu but not his allergies. I am coughing and loosing my voice. We are both exhausted beyond belief. The girls are not sleeping and Abby is literally clinging to one of us all the time. Olivia was having no one but me tonight.

We just need me not to get sick and for Gary to get better so we can take care of the sick ones.


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Souza Sisters said...

I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!!