Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wow - the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here the past few weeks. We have been spending lots of time outside. The girls continue to ask to "go bye-bye in da caw" every day. They want to go see "moo-moos", "la-las"(goats), and ducks. Is it a sign we go out to eat too much if Olivia asks, "Eat?" whenever we get in the car??

Easter was lovely. A wonderful beautiful day. It started with our yearly tradition of following jellybeans down the stairs to find our Easter baskets.

As you can see by Zachary's pale face, we did have one downside to the day. He was running a fever, but we loaded him up on Motrin and Tylenol. At his insistence of feeling better we continued with our plans.

Olivia enjoying the books from her Easter basket

You know there are jellybeans in here, right?

We headed to Gary's parent's house.

There is a cool horse tire swing the girls LOVE love to ride.

Ready to hunt Easter eggs!

Abby jumped right in and began putting eggs in her basket.

Olivia got into to it, too.

Then it was the big kids turn to go.
And go Zachary did!

The girls, especially Olivia, wanted to abandon the hunt
in favor of the bounce house.
(Notice the cute sandals were soon replaced with comfy tennies)

So to the bounce house we went

Taking a break to play with cousin Lily
The girls were enamored with her!
They were all about touching and smiling and watching her!

Grandma got a pinata and all the kids got to take a turn.

And pretend there is a picture of Olivia here.
I didn't get any good ones of her.

So now I am busy trying to resist temptation. There is candy everywhere!

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Katie Bug said...

I love that your kids follow jelly beans to their Easter baskets. How fun!