Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 Month Check Up

Information packed appointment on Tuesday at their four month check up.

Abigail - 14lbs 14 oz 75th percentile in weight
Height is 24 1/4 in which is in the 50th percentile
Head circumference is 40.5 cm which is in 55th percentile (surprised it wasn't bigger)

Olivia - 13 lbs 1 oz Just under 50th percentile
Height is also 24 1/4 - same as Abby
Head is 39.5 cm - 35th percentile - she just has a petite little head.

Yes! That is almost 2 lbs difference in them! I feel it every time I pick them up, but I was surprised it was that much. They did get shots. Abby got all of hers, but we broke Olivia's up because she had a slight reaction to them last time so we wanted to pinpoint which one was the cause. Olivia went first and cried and cried and cried and cried. Big crocodile tears rolling down her face. It was heart breaking. She took a long time to calm down and then when Abby got hers it was like she remembered how bad it was and started crying all over again. Poor thing. Abby cried a little then settled right down.

Our Dr put Olivia on Prevacid as well to help with her reflux so we have 2 girls on the same meds. Hopefully the fussiness will get better now. We also started Abby on cereal!! Yay!! She drinks 10 oz more than Olivia every day. 10 oz people!! This girl is hungry! So we fed her some last night and she didn't know what to think at first but then she loved it. We got pictures of course and I will share them with you on Friday. Olivia doesn't really need cereal right now so we are holding off on her.

AND Abby is cutting teeth!! So that's why she has been so fussy! Poor thing got SO upset when the dr was showing us her little red gums. There are almost little nubs from her teeth so it may still be a few weeks. Fun, fun!

Our 4 month photo session went a little better thins time. Guess who was fussy?? I know what you are thinking. Olivia, right? Wrong! It was Abby this time that just wasn't feeling it.

We tried it with a white background

Will they ever smile??

The best ones of them by themselves

The Out-takes

Stay tuned for the official Friday check-up.
I have some great Halloween outfits and a priceless picture of Olivia.



SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh-- they are so cute! And getting so big!! I love their dresses! And I hope the fussiness phase is almost over for you . . . 4 mo was a bit of a turning point in our house.
And thanks for your comment on Kendyll's bow . . . I got it at a local shop and I need to go back there soon so I'll try to remember to look at the maker & page you on the nest/bump/whatever w/the details -- I'm sure you can probably find them online, too.

Souza Sisters said...

They are so cute! I love their dresses! Don't you hate shots? You know they are crying cause they are in pain... I think my girls see their Dr and start crying cause they know what's coming!! Can't wait to see Halloween pix!!

More Than Just a Mommy said...

Boy seeing those dresses brought back some memories! I love seeing the girls old clothes on your sweet girls!

Heather said...

Oh, the pictures are so precious! Isn't it amazing the difference 2 lbs can make?