Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!

We decorated for Halloween this week. I love fall decorations!! You see that big spider? That's Zachary's. We get it when he was 3. He wanted it so bad when we were in the store but when we got home he was so afraid of it we couldn't put it out! But he loves it now.

We went visiting this past weekend again at Gary's family. His sister Jamie was here with her family and she saw the girls for the first time.

Aunt Chastity and Olivia

Uncle Jeromy and Abby

Cousins on the trampoline

Cousin Lex with Grandma

Lex with his dad Tony

The biggest news this week is Abby has reflux. She inhaled some of her milk a couple of weeks ago and developed a rattle in her chest. We called our Pediatrician and they asked us a bunch of questions about her breathing all of which were fine. They said that if her congestion didn't get any better to bring her in. After 2 weeks in hadn't gotten any better so we took her in on Monday. Remember 6 weeks ago when I said she had turned into the stamp monster sounding thing especially at night? Well, that, apparently is due to reflux. We watched Olivia so closely for reflux that we didn't even think of Abby having it because she doesn't spit up. But she does cough and grunt and make all kinds of noises after she eats, so she is on medication for that and an antibiotic for the inflammation in her lungs. She is already tons better and she is sleeping better :-) Yay!!

In other news, both girls laughed for the first time this week. And Olivia is getting her voice! Not just her whiny voice, but her talking voice. She has started talking to us and she just wiggles and wiggles when she does. Abby continues to jabber and jabber. They are noticing each other more and more. Olivia is especially interested in Abby. She will lean toward her and just smile and wiggle at her.

Another piece of big news in that we moved Olivia to sleep in her crib. We wanted her to get used to it first because she is the one that lays down about 8:30 and falls asleep in her bed on her own. She has done so so good!! No problems what so ever! It's like she is actually more comfortable in her own crib. She just snuggles her face into the blanket and falls right to sleep. Yes, she has to have her face partly covered up by a blanket to sleep. She loves it and it worries us to death! We always go in there after she falls asleep and uncover her a little more. We will start putting Abby in there with her tonight. We'll see if they will be able to sleep in the same crib or not. Olivia still gets swaddled and put in positioners. Abby is all over the place so they might just have to have their own cribs. I hope not. I really want them to sleep together for a little while.

And look at these cute outfits!!
Abby on the left, Olivia on the right

And now for my sweet Zachary. He just went through a huge growth spurt. We bought jeans for him when we went school clothes shopping in August. He went to put them on for the first time this week and they were too small! So I got the next size up and they just fit him. Sniff sniff. Were did my little boy go?

I will tell you where he went...

He went running ( he takes it very seriously)

His school does a Boosterthon Run Fundraiser. He gets sponsers to pay him $1 per lap. The cap is 35 laps. Last year we assured people he would go about 15-17 laps. I mean, he's 5, right. Yea, he went 28. You should have seen us telling him to slow down, take a break, don't you want another drink, etc. Nope, he trucked along. Here are a few pics from last year.

Look at his red face!

He's waving at me :-)
Gary took this picture and I moved a little further down.

So this year people were a little more wary about pledging. They asked him how many he was going to run this year and he confidently said, "35!" So they knew what they were getting into, right? Yep, he ran the max. He actually ran about 37 but the most you can ask people to pay is $35. That's my little runner!
Here he is this year in the black shorts

Here is his shirt all filled up!

Way to go, Zach!!

I got tagged by a few people this week so those will be coming up soon :-)



* TONYA * said...

Your decorations are great.

I'm so lame, I still haven't decorated for halloween. It seems I put one thing up a day but still have a counter full of things left to do. Maybe I'll get it all up by the 31st.

Heather said...

Adorable pics! I love the Halloween decorations. Hope Abby is doing better now that she is on medication.