Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Update

Oh, I have just spent the last half hour playing with Olivia. She laughed as I pumped her arms! This is the first time she laughed for a reason other than me tickling her. Abby was snoozing in her swing. She is a sleepy head today.

I really think Abby may be teething. I know it is early, but had a few fussy fussy days where she was just not a happy baby. She would wake up crying and did not want to be put down. And that's just not like our Abby. OR...maybe she just figured out the nosier you are the more you get held. Hmmm...have you been talking to Olivia, Abby?? I have been meaning to say this about Abby. She's my live Cabbage Patch Doll. Look at this...

And especially when she sucks in her lips like thisDoesn't she look like one? With those huge cheeks that sink about an inch into her mouth? I could just kiss those cheeks all day long. And I do :-)

We went to my family's this past weekend and had a great time. The girls wore the cutest little outfits! Did I get good pictures of them?? Nope! But I did get a few.

Olivia with Grandad

Abby with Uncle Jonathan, Cousin Collin,
Cousin Cameron, and of course, Zachary

Abby with Aunt Hollie
Olivia with Collin and Cameron

Abby fell asleep on Daddy

Plus, I think we've turned another corner. We look like this in the car now. No crying!

I think I have told how Olivia likes to have her face buried in her blanket to sleep. Well, this past week she has fought drinking her bottle to the point where I have started putting her into the swing or bouncer with her bottle propped. This is what I looked over and saw the other day. She did this on her own. See the bottle sticking out? She is still drinking it even though her little face is covered up. Right after I took the picture I uncovered her, much to her disappointment.

Abby will be rolling over long before Olivia. She already turns onto her side all by herself. When she figures out how to kick that leg over, she'll have it made.
And they see each other!! And they love each other! They just look and talk and coo to one another when we put them next to each other. I can see what great friends they will be. I have a video of this but it's dark.

And neither are tummy time fans but Olivia is doing pretty well. This is one of my favorites of her yet. See poor Abby behind her? That is how she was the whole time. She was not into tummy time AT ALL that day. Well, come on she has a slightly...ahem...heavier head to lift, right?

I have videos of both of them cooing and will post them in the next few days if I can figure it out. It is low quality but you will get the picture. And stay tuned for 4 month pictures!! Holy Crap, 4 MONTHS!! I know, where has it gone??



Harris Boys said...

omg so much going on. they are little dolls sara...just beautiful and growing up too fast :(

my andrew loved buring his face in his blanket too...still does!

NikkiPM said...

I think they are the most adorable babies I've ever seen!!! But...I fear they are both going to be sassy, smarty pants like their mother!

Sara said... speechless. I can't believe you would say such a thing about little 'ol me! ;-)