Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up

Update on sickies: Olivia is over the worst of the flu. She still has a lingering cough and clinginess (Is that a word? It is in my house.) And Abigail is completely over her ear infection.

All teeth have come in for the moment:

Olivia has...wait for it...6!! Her two top and the four bottom. The two on either side of her bottom teeth came in before her top which was weird, but whatever.

Abigail now has 5. Holy teeth girls! Her top two came in after Olivia's and she just popped her bottom left this last week.

We have entered into that stage when they are grinding their top teeth against their bottom teeth and it just send shivers up my spine. Olivia does it all day long. Eugh!

So sleep is better now that they are all well and not teething right? Well, you would think so wouldn't you? But nope, they are up every HOUR! Again, we really don't know why. Are they cold, hot, uncomfortable in their sleepers, just missing us? Spoiled completely and totally rotten?? comment.

I am not going to lie, it has been tough around here the past few days. I have decided to let them them cry in their cribs with me right there patting them for naps. And it is just flat not working. Abigail does ok. No real tears and she settles down after about 10 mins of me laying her back down over and over. Then she sings and talks herself to sleep while I have my hand on her (baby steps, here). I know her problem is she doesn't want to go to sleep. period. I can handle that.

But dang! Olivia!! She cries and cries real tears. She finally fell asleep, but she was sniffling in her sleep. You know, that sound they make like their breath is hitching after they have cried really hard? That sound that makes your heart hurt? Yeah. Her problem is she wants me and can't figure out why I am not picking her up. Lord, give me strength!! After her afternoon nap she woke up crying and out of sorts. No one can convince me it didn't affect her to cry herself to sleep. She had a horrible night. And today is even worse with her only sleeping 15 mins for her morning nap AND she woke up Abby. She is whining like she used to when she was tiny and it is NOT good for my nerves and small patience today. Even the magic binky is not working since she has decided she doesn't want it. Really, Olivia?? Really???

I am tired, frustrated, and feeling clueless about how to get them to sleep better. I have gotten past the need to sleep when they slepp but today is one of the few times I would actually like to sleep when they nap. But I don't see that happening...

I could use kind and supportive advice today. I don't think I can handle negative or we should have "just let them cry it out" advice.


Adriane said...

Ugh, I wish I had advice. I don't. It's so hard when they won't sleep. I've done the cry it out and pick them up methods. Wish I could help somehow.

Rebecca said...

Poor babies! Poor you! Hope it gets better soon!

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Oh yes, clinginess is definitely a word! And that sleep/cry thing is heartbreaking. Hannah would do that when we were trying to let her CIO. I would gently put my hand on the top of her head and she would settle in her sleep.

monica said...

I don't have any advice just encouragement that it will get better. The sleep issues are very difficult! Sounds like you are doing everything okay, maybe try again in a couple of weeks.

I wish you the best.

Linda said...

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with the sleep. It's such a tough thing with twins. With my bad sleeper, I put her to sleep in my arms until she was a year old. At 10 months, if she woke at night we let her fuss back to sleep but she only did it for a few nights and that was it she sttn. I kept getting up for her until I felt like she was ready to fuss it out. The other thing I will say is if yours are up every hour at night and only taking short naps I'm sure they are over tired at this point. I'm wondering if you standing there while they're supposed to be going to sleep is making it harder for them. They want to be awake and in your arms. Can you rock Olivia and let Abigail go to sleep on her own?