Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not Just for Babies

I listened to the conversation about what was happening on TV...

Zachary: You know the polar bear lives there, too
Neighbor: Yeah and the penguin

...a little bit later...

Zachary: That's a Panda Bear
Neighbor: It eats bamboo. Kung Fu Panda was a panda.
Zachary: Polar bears eat fish not bamboo.

Neighbor: Whoa! Did you see that?
Zachary: Cool!

So what was this program that had them so transfixed? Discovery? Zubumafoo??


The moment it was over there was much grumbling and muttering about baby shows and how they had to turn it off to play big kid shows. I mean, come on, mom. Sheesh!

Note: They were under the impression that I was taking their picture drinking their Purple Cows, not enjoying Baby Einstein. Sneaky mama!!

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Rachael said...

i love it! those moments when you catch them doing something undeniably sweet.