Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Outakes

So I attempted to get some pictures in the little ladies' Halloween outfits. Bwahaha!!

Smile at Mommy!

Look at Olivia, sitting there all still

Abby, quick, quick! Get over there by Olivia. Hurry!
STAY Olivia!

OK! Abby is sitting...
Olivia!! Smile at Mommy!!

No, Abby! Stay! I'll get Olivia!

OK...wait...WHERE'S ABBY??
I do love this picture of the two of them heading off together.

And I also got short sleeved shirts because this IS Texas after all.
We never know if it will be cold or hot in October.
Oh the dog ears!

Abby was too too busy with her dolls to even look my way

Here is another of Olivia with her bows in.
This girl loves her bling


Annie said...

Little divas, they are beautiful.

Brandi Tooker said...

Love it! They are way too cute!