Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My little nose junky

Abby has always loved to explore her nose. As soon as she figured out she had little holes there just perfect for her fingers, it was her new favorite thing to do.

In her Easter dress...nice

More recently in the swing
Now it is not just her finger. She has put peas, a raisin, pieces of paper, the doll's hair...anything she can get her hands on. I can usually get whatever out pretty quickly with the nose sucker or tweezers...umm...yes...tweezers to get the raisin out. SO much FUN!

So when she put a corner of a snack wrapper up there a few weeks ago, I moved fast to get it out, but not fast enough because...SNIFF...up it went. I tried to get it with the nose sucker but that just made it worse. Because it was a sliver of shiny plastic-like paper it was not coming out!

Man, oh man, was I ever furious with her! I had kept them out of the germ ridden Dr's office during this whole flu outbreak and here I had to go get a piece of foil from her nose?!? Ugh! But even the Dr didn't even see the stupid thing. They flushed out her nose with saline (which I learned later is the LAST thing you want to do) with no luck.

She sent us home with instructions and a warning: If it wasn't out in the next 2 days, then we were headed to a Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. where they would put a little camera up her nose. Oh boy!

You see where this is going, right? Abby and I had an excellent adventure to the ENT. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Flashes of surgery and putting her out went through my mind.

Poor little sucker has NO idea what she is in for...

In the special children's area of the waiting room

She barely stopped long enough for me to snap pictures

She watched another little boy on this in fascination.
As soon as he moved on she was right there to take over for him.
She just couldn't figure it out though and DID NOT want my help.
Little miss independent

Playing Peek-a-Boo

She had to try out the chair

I took a break from taking pictures for a bit while the Dr. looked up her nose, then threaded a camera up in there. Before they did that they asked me if this was my first child, which I found amusing and insulting at the same time. My self of years ago when Zachary was my only child was insulted by the fact that this should make any difference at all. However, my self of today knows that it does make a difference as moms do tend to loosen up a bit over time. I briefly wondered if this applies to first time moms of twins. I think in that case you would have to be a little loose because your attention is so split, you don't really have time to be worried so much...or do you?? Hmmm... Alright, moving on.

A nurse held her as the Dr thoroughly searched with a long bendy camera. She did great, crying but not horribly so. He didn't see it, which meant she had already swallowed it or sneezed it out when we weren't looking. Nothing like a huge, traumatizing procedure for nothing, huh, Abby?

She charmed the whole staff with her big eyes. One of the office people dug around in the storage closet and gave her a toy phone. Which she totally fell in love with.

You can see a little of her red eyes from crying here.

Oh, so tired from her adventure

I hoped that this experience was traumatic enough to scare her away from it from now on. But oh no...no. Her daddy was telling his mom about it and she was listening. She went and got a toy duck, sat in front of him and tried to stick it up her nose. ::sigh::

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Lindsay said...

This post is so hilarious but I know it wasn't funny to you at the time! Her poor little abused nose! :)

Thank you for the sweet comment yesterday.. it does help so much to hear from other twin moms who feel the same things!!

Heather said...

Well, now I know the full story! How scary for you at the time. But it is a funny story, the way you tell it. I loooove her pink hair bow!

Oh, I voted!

monica said...

So funny and so scary at the same time. Hopefully she learned her lesson not to put things up her nose. She is just so precious!!

Anonymous said...

blueladybug77.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.