Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

I bet you thought I wouldn't post, huh? Mmmm??

My laptop has been SO SLOOOOOWWWWW today. But it's here now.

We had a blast Trick or Treating this year. We went to our friends the Logans. Casee and I used to work together and have been good friends for 10 years (wow!). Zachary's friend, Spencer was born on Halloween. We have spent many a Halloween celebrating with our friends.

The girls dressed up as Tulip Fairies.
Olivia in her costume
Abby in hers

Zachary dressed up as a Mobster with scars

I threw together a gypsy get-up
Casee is The Queen of Hearts
Angela (Spencer's Aunt) is a beautiful cow.

We did attempt to get a picture of the 3 kids together

We went on a hayride around the neighborhood to do the whole Trick or Treat thing. SO much fun!

Abby sat quietly on Daddy's lap the entire time

Olivia didn't :-)
Check out that hand trying her hardest to get out of my grasp!
She wanted to go go go.

Finally she settled down with Casee and was content to snuggle
Olivia hummed and sang to Casee - So Cute!

The girls first experience.
They had NO clue what was going on.
Abby tried to go in the house. Hee hee!

Here is Zachary with the whole group

Zachary and the birthday boy

The birthday boy without his mask

Zachary with Aubree

Casee with me and Olivia

Daddy with both girls.

Little Miss Abby

The best one of both of them

And one of the not-so-great-ones


Rebecca said...

Soooo cute! What a fun time and I can't believe they tried to go into the house! haha...

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Those are the CUTEST costumes. I'm glad everyone had a great time. I'm amazed they kept their headpieces on. S & H immediately pulled theirs off and threw them to the ground, lol.

Annie said...

I love their costumes. So glad everyone enjoyed Halloween.

NikkiPM said...

I LOVE the Tulip Fairy costumes! Too cute! And Zachary is such a cute kid...he's gonna be a heartbreaker one day!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to come. We had a blast, and can't wait to do it again next year!